What could happen in your life if you consciously formed your intention now for the whole next year?

Does Your Intention Affect Your Understanding?

Has anyone ever said to you, “I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings,” and did you wonder what they meant since the result was clearly your hurt feelings?

Well, in that communication there was a speaker and a hearer, a giver and a receiver and BOTH are responsible for clear understanding.

You received their communication. Did you ever wonder about your intention? Was your purpose to feel hurt no matter what they said? Was it to assume they meant well, no matter how the words came out? Did you desire to simply find clarity and ask enough questions until you both had the same understanding?

What is an Intention?

According to Merriam-Webster, “..it implies little more than what one has in mind to do or bring about…”

However, on a deeper, more conscious level, your “intention” is the thought that gives energy to your actions and colors your perception and emotion. Next year, are you going to really use that gym membership three times each week? Is your aim to feel good by stating the goal, or to feel good because you took the steps to make it happen? What do you understand about your relationship with yourself?

An article in Metaphysics for Life features opinions from several well-known sources. Burt Goldman, The American Monk, defines intention as “desire to which we have given our energies.”

“Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention.”

– Deepak Chopra

Your Intention Shapes What is Real to You

Wayne Dyer, author of “The Power of Intention” says that intention creates our reality.

If your desire is your intention, then that intention is the beginning of the creation of things in your life that seem real to you. It lets you “know” if what you or they said is true!

Imagine this: Abigail has heard of a wonderfully informative two-day conference she wants to attend, fifteen miles away in the next county. She would like to go there with friends and invites some. In each case, she invites friends, but her intention will affect the way she feels during the coming year.

If her intention is to feel cared for by other people, she might only invite people who are willing to drive and pick her up. Later, if one of them states that he felt used after multiple requests for rides, Abigail might not believe there was a problem. After all, she invited him to things that were of mutual interest, and she felt cared for.

If her desire is to feel that she is doing her part to make a group succeed, she might explain the potential good that could come from the conference, call another driver among her friends, working together to arrange carpools. Abigail would pick up the people least likely to come without help. If one member of the group didn’t feel that the conference was beneficial, perhaps Abigail would be able to accept it. She would have satisfied her motive of trying to help a group succeed and could discuss a difference of opinion on what was gained from it.

In either case, she will go to the conference with friends, but her inner purpose will shape the kind of relationships she will have during the next year.

Intention Comes from the Mind and You Can Change Your Mind

“You decide every moment of every day who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance every second.”

– Tony Robbins

Your intention and what happens because of it is directly linked to who you feel you really are. If you can consciously change the way you see yourself, you can consciously change your intention and what you believe about what happens. You can decide to be happy and generate that happiness regardless of the situation. You can plan to be responsible for your own well-being and take the steps to change your weight or health. What a year that will be!


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