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In my consulting world, I’m continually helping clients identify connections between their distinct challenges. In this way, it’s easier for them to visualize, and we can co-design solutions as a result. This generally leads to a more effective outcome. In coaching, we regularly do something similar by “planting seeds,” using analogies and creating metaphors.

Outcomes Can Be Surprising

The other day, I had an unexpected (and positive) outcome with a potential client. We met over coffee in London to discuss consulting opportunities around “sustainability”. However, the dialogue ended up having a very engaging discussion around coaching. I thought to myself… this could lead to unexpected future, potential opportunities.

Identifying connections is so powerful, as it helps us build something better and stronger. If we use the analogy of a building a bridge, the more connections or “braces” it has, the stronger it will be.

Energy Attracts Like Energy

Another key factor is our energy, and how we show up.

This meeting was our first meeting after a chance discussion on an airplane a couple of years back. We were both on a short business flight to Aberdeen. Despite the cramped conditions within the small plane, we struck up an interesting conversation about business, the world-at-large, and in particular, the act of cultural transformation in the workplace (engaging employees effectively).

We exchanged business cards at the end of the flight and agreed to stay in touch. Our discussions were deep and passionate, and I’m convinced the energy was a factor in the desire to stay connected. I recalled the principle, “like energy attracting like energy”.

We exchanged  a couple of emails, but lost touch. A year or so on, and now running my own consultancy business, I saw an opportunity to re-connect and share some of the things I had been working on. The London discussions were just as deep and engaging, and I never imagined that it would end up in a coaching discussion.

At the end of the meeting, we agreed to stay in touch. As we left the restaurant, the feedback I received was, “I love our energetic discussions”. 

The holiday season is a prime time for reconnecting and discovering the merriment of another person’s energy. Who will you reach out to and connect with? How will you take that first step to holding an engaging conversation? Perhaps that’s the greatest gift of all.