What do you want for dinner?

It was a simple question, and one that I have asked and answered hundreds of times. But for some reason, when my sweetheart asked me in earnest the other day, a revelation hit me in a whole new way. I actually found myself pausing – slowing down – to check-in with myself.

What do I want?

As I got quiet for a minute, I felt an automatic response arise: “I can be flexible. It really doesn’t matter to me. You decide.”

And I noticed, is that how I really want to answer this question?

You see, it’s not that my automatic response wasn’t true for me. I really am flexible and can make most anything work for dinner. What struck me is how quickly I wanted to move away from the question: What do I want?

Of course, this question was simply about dinner, but for a moment, I was able to see how my automatic responses allow me to deflect questions that require me to check-in with myself – perhaps at an even deeper level. This is significant. It’s only when we consciously choose our response to any situation that we access the powerful connection between who we are and what we do. We build that muscle every time we slow down and make a conscious choice. Even if that choice is simply about what we want for dinner.

Creating Awareness In-the-Moment

At the heart of developing awareness in-the-moment and making more conscious choices, is the act of paying close attention and observing what is happening within ourselves internally. When you make that a practice with the smaller decisions in life, you’re building your “consciousness muscle” for the much larger decisions. Here’s where to start…simply ask yourself just one question:

What is it like being you, right now?

And then observe and note, without judgment, the following:

  • What are you feeling physically?
  • What emotions are you experiencing?
  • What thoughts are you having?
  • How is your energy – drained or delighted?
  • What is coming up for you?

Take your time. It’s in your willingness to slow down and lean into yourself that you’re able to answer and “show up” more and more consciously.

What is it like being you? As you ask yourself this question and check-in more frequently, you’ll notice that your interaction with the world impacts how you’re feeling. Slowing down and checking-in can provide you with important clues about how to navigate your own choices as well as how you interact with others moment-by-moment.

Once you make this simple practice a habit, continue to respond to your environment from this new, authentic space. Resolving to create actions from your deepest truth puts you on your highest path, filled with a sense of joy, contribution, and purpose that only you can navigate.

So, back to the original question. I shared with my sweetheart that I would like salmon, salad, and a glass of wine. Most importantly, though, I really wanted to share the quiet time together with him. That’s what I really wanted for dinner.

Donna Lynn Dyer is an energy junkie – an explorer with a strong practical streak, dedicated to applying and growing consciousness through everyday life. As a personal energy coach, Donna works with successful people helping them step into what’s next for them. She facilitates the development of conscious leaders, who access their intuition, visualize their intended outcomes, and synthesize it all to live powerfully created lives. For more information, visit www.donnalynncoaching.com.