Photo Credit: Green Chameleon,
Photo Credit: Green Chameleon,

It’s morning! I’m in a clutter-free zone as I lie in bed still half asleep.

I vaguely hear the ceiling fan humming gently overhead and my cat has entered the room more than once to get my attention for his morning meal.

As I gently stir to a conscious level, I mentally begin to prepare for my early rise and my first writing of the day. This is the perfect time to have a journal and pen by my bedside to write down the frequent flashes of genius that come to my mind. Without this tool by my bedside, I may lose some remarkable ideas for the universe.

On this particular morning, the ideas are entering and exiting my brain faster than I can remember them.

As I rise, my feet hit the floor running. I’m anxious to seize the day and catch the magic of my thoughts on paper.

Morning’s definitely my time for writing and capturing my genius. The sun’s just rising over the hills. There are patchy shadows from the many trees that hang their branches over the grounds of my backyard, creating a variety of shapes and patterns. As I open the window and take a deep breath of fresh air, it feels cool like a fall day. The day has begun, and I’m inspired.

Vikra Seth says:

“The thing about inspiration, is that it takes your mind off everything else.”

Unfortunately, distraction’s one of the biggest obstacles writers face when tapping into their inspiration. Distractions can be as simple as your daily to-do list requirements.

My “to-do’s” require me to take care of my pets’ needs each day. I can’t completely settle into my writing until my animals are content.

Having other people in my space can also be a distraction. Once my husband and daughter are out the door for the day, then I’m able to focus and begin my daily writing ritual.

It’ll always take extra effort to keep interruptions in check.  However, here are some important thoughts to consider to keep distractions at a minimum while you’re writing and to help you generate content with ease:

Turn off your phone!

The nagging sensation of a bell tone or a beep completely interrupts your train of thought while writing.

The same goes for your email. Turn it off.

The world will survive without your input while you concentrate on what’s most important: YOUR WRITING.

Forced inspiration rarely gets the job done.

Lighting a scented candle, playing soft instrumental music, or just being at peace with the quiet around you can be an advantageous place to begin your writing flow.

When inspiration strikes, be prepared.

Get the words down on paper, onto your computer screen, or even on a napkin. Never be caught without a writing tool or something to capture your genius.

Writing should come from your heart.

Writing shouldn’t from the part of your brain that only delivers the mechanics of writing. Meditation prior to writing serves me in that it clears the clutter and allows the words I want to express to break through and come to me more freely.

Finally, always remember:

If the words don’t come to you when you want, be patient.

Letting your thoughts rest for a few days will allow them to surface when they’re supposed to come to you.