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You Are Worthy

“I’m sorry.” “Oh, so sorry.” “Forgive me, I’m the worst.”

How often does the word sorry or some relative of that word come out of your mouth in a day?

In all those instances, if it is a lot, do you really mean it? Seriously.

The word sorry is an overused word that we as humans are using for all sorts of trivial things many times a day, and it is losing its intention.

So I am here to take back the word sorry for the times when righting a perceived wrong is truly needed. For example, when you say or do something hurtful to someone in a fit of anger or fear.

Taking Back Sorry and Setting Your Money Energetic Setpoint

I’m also here to take it back to increase your Money Energetic Setpoint, aka Your Abundance Limit. Not when you basically taking up space and saying I’m sorry as a filler, automated response. You will know the difference because a true sorry is often more challenging to give.

“So, how are sorry and money connected, you ask?” Stay with me.

Your Money Energetic Setpoint

Your Money Energetic Setpoint is a term I use that describes your abundance limit aka your stopping point aka your upper limit with regards to money. It is the cap, the ceiling you have placed unconsciously or consciously on the amount of money you can see yourself earning in any given month/year/lifetime.

So instead of explaining this lets do a quick exercise around it, the Money Energetic Setpoint, or MES for short, exercise.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen.

I want to you say each number out loud to yourself and indicate whether yes or no you can see yourself making that in 12 months’ time in your business or your career.














Where did you stop? Where did it feel like, “no way?” Where did it start to feel uncomfortable to make that number? The number before that mark is your Money Energetic Setpoint. It is the number your energy can match up to. You will not go beyond it without expanding your limit.

Stop Saying I’m Sorry for Trivial Things.

Over apologizing for trivial things–you accidentally bump into someone in the grocery, you are not on time, you want to need something yet you feel you are bothering someone by asking, you knock coffee over–is a bad habit. It deteriorates your personal power. It tends to focus on what you think others’ think is right and wrong instead of what you think and that deteriorates how you value yourself which directly correlates with your worthiness and capacity to express your worth in your business, your job, or at home.

See the connection?


Get ultra-aware of where you are saying sorry. Is it in your business or is it more on a personal level? Is it around money? Recognize that it is pattern, and if you are saying it often, you have many opportunities for one time to not say it. Just zip it. Smile and move on. Not everything elicits an apology. Get into awareness mode, observe, leave apologies for when they are warranted and watch your personal power and confidence start to increase. These two characteristics directly connect to increased self-worth which in turn directly can positively affect your net worth.

What is holding you back from making more money? Get clarity on what those brakes are for you and move forward with confidence with your money. The time is now. Connect with me at [email protected] to uncover your Money Revolution and raise your Money Energetic Setpoint this year, not next year.