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“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
~ Ferdinand Foch

To consciously choose to live life “on fire” takes more than just passion. It takes an honest awareness of who we are and how we show up in the world. When we prioritize what matters most, we begin to know ourselves from a place of vulnerability and truth.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with HeatherAsh Amara on my podcast, The Meaningful Way: Living What Matters. Heather is an expert in empowerment, mindfulness, and Shamanism, and the author of the best-selling book, Warrior Goddess Training.  She also studied under Don Miguel Ruiz in the Toltec Tradition.

Here are the top five takeaways from our conversation:

Growing up in Southeast Asia, HeatherAsh moved around a lot at a young age. She moved back to the United States for college, but noticed that something was “off” for her regarding the American culture.  She went in search of a spiritual connection studying different traditions including European Shamanism. It turns out her path was just one dream away – to be specific, it was a vision of a man that would later change her life. That dream and a little synchronicity led her to meet her teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz. 

Working with him and his community, she began to look within for answers and fulfillment, leaving behind the “happy when” myth that so many of us get caught up in.

As HeatherAsh noted:

“I see that feeling of disconnection is so prevalent in many people right now, and our awareness of needing to look within for answers is increasing.”

What’s that pivotal lesson that lights the fire in you?

The real eye-opener for HeatherAsh was realizing just how judgmental she was of herself, and how her mind wasn’t to be trusted. Her learning and her chosen path helped her to become more accepting of herself, as she found a community that made her feel unconditionally accepted. HeatherAsh recognized that having that acceptance mirrored back to her, letting her know she was enough and worthy, was when everything began to shift.

She concluded: “I think it’s those times when we feel the most accepted, that we can have the freedom to grow.”

So I ask you, how can you liberate others through your acceptance of them?

What was the impetus behind the Warrior Goddess books?

Warrior Goddess was a best-selling book 20 years in the making. HeatherAsh came through a rather painful divorce, ultimately emerging stronger as she uncovered both her Warrior and Goddess energy – a yin-yang harmony that both women and men can benefit from when they’re balanced. 

Her book and message are meant to help individuals choose whether to be warriors or goddesses, not based on who we think we should be or who society tells us to be, but because of which serves us best in what we want for ourselves.

Creating an Aligned, True to Self Life

Beneath the labels that others and society places upon us, how do we step out of that and be our essential self? 

For HeatherAsh, it begins with stepping back and becoming a witness to how we’re thinking, our physical reactions, and our emotional responses. 

“The journey toward self-intimacy aligns us with our lives. Life is about death, birth, and everything in between. We’ll lose things, people will die, relationships will end, and eventually, we will die too. To me, it sounded like continually taking the time to reflect on our lives and on who we are.”

What is wisdom?

Running themes in HeatherAsh’s writing and books are… Wisdom, Authenticity, and Yes.

Wisdom is being able to access the depths of our being by getting still. By tapping into that knowledge, we can give ourselves the space to slow down. Also, when you’re able to forgive, you create more spaciousness for listening and acceptance. When you stop apologizing for everything, you allow yourself to be more authentic. And by enjoying the spaces in between — the walk to the car or waiting in line — you can find a stillness that uncovers wisdom.

HeatherAsh’s excitement is indicative of a soul lit on fire. She finds joy, even in the awkward moments, and chooses to be grateful for all of it. The more we can sit in the space that’s in between, find stillness, be mindful of where we’re going, the easier we can navigate this crazy thing called life.

Check out HeatherAsh Amara’s interview in its entirety on the Meaningful Way podcast. Click below!

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