One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in my personal coaching journey, as well as building my coaching business, is knowing my value. The value I place on myself, the value that I give to others, and the value of my workshops and programs.

When we truly discover what we bring to the table, it’s a very powerful place to live from. If we’re not taught how to value ourselves and our thoughts early on, we start to seek out our worth elsewhere. One such place is through money, a concept which can get very misconstrued.

Let’s Talk About You As A Valuable Commodity  

If you live in a world whereby money is your benchmark, then it’s likely your value is tied to actual dollars in the bank account and/or the accumulation of material items. While there’s nothing wrong with desiring things, check in with the intention behind it.

Does achieving a certain amount of revenue, each month or each year, make or break you? Does money dictate YOUR value?

If an income goal isn’t met, you rely on material items to feel worthy, or a sense of security isn’t readily present, it can be very discouraging. Your emotions, then, will always be tied to your cash flow. Down the rabbit hole of “I’m not good enough” is where you’ll go. When you’re a solopreneur or small business owner, it’s brought to the surface even more, because no one’s there to pat you on the back necessarily.

Money is your indicator. Of course, there’s nothing “wrong” with wanting money. It’s a tool to make things better. It’s the intention behind it you may want to “check in” with and investigate. To be in a state of only valuing yourself through your money is exhausting! It’s against the natural order of the universe. Lasting well-being, including financial well-being, is determined by how much you value yourself from the inside out, regardless of circumstances.  It comes from our true self; not a place of lack.

If you’ve done any personal growth work, most of you know what you specifically value in your lives. What principles you live by, what’s important, and why. (If not, take some time to discover or re-discover your values. It’s, well, invaluable!)

What about valuing you?

If you see yourself getting discouraged by “keeping up with the Joneses” or getting super attached to an income goal, try this practice out.

  • Go through your work history or pull out your resume and make a list of all the characteristics you brought to the table at each job that:
    • Made you unique.
    • Or showcased your expertise.
  • Ask a friend or several, TRUSTED friends, the following:
    • When do you feel I’m at my best?
    • When have you seen me really shine?
    • What do you think I could give myself more credit for or celebrate more?

Take the responses from these two exercises and add in the top five values you live by. Next, check in with the energy you feel when you take on these qualities. They’re YOUR matrix of qualities, traits, and characteristics, which make you…well, you.

Nobody else is like YOU. Celebrate you, just as you are. Be yourself, start owning your value, therefore improving your self-worth. And when you do, that will quickly translate into net worth.