Photo credit: Aaron Burden,
Photo credit: Aaron Burden,

My daughter recently blurted out the words, “You’re a fanatic mom!” Her words were actually a compliment because she was referring to my positive commitment to working out every day!

Why do I do it?

It became a habit a long time ago. I chose to make it a priority in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

My exercise program is what I refer to as a “non-negotiable.” It’s on my calendar seven days a week.

Not everyone sees the benefit of exercise; but the idea of doing something that takes place regularly and has the power to make a positive difference in your life is a good reasons to adjust your daily schedule.

As a serious writer, I plan my writing time to include certain days of the week. Without this non-negotiable in place, I wouldn’t be able to begin or finish any writing.

I’m a firm believer that writing daily is something you can do if you make the choice to claim a block of time to do it. You must also be willing to dedicate whatever time you’ve agreed to, to stay in place every day.

For some writers, this is a big proposition to maintain. But the only way to write consistently is to make the time to do it– EVERY DAY.

It May Take a Village (Of Writers!)

I’m blessed to be a participant in a weekly writing group that convenes for a mere two hours on Fridays.

This is time I claim for myself. It belongs to me and no one else; and having that feeling is powerful! Often my writing’s going so well, that I forget about the time and continue to write long after the writing group has dispersed.

What do I love about a dedicated writing session?

  • It includes being surrounded by other like minds, which creates the gift of positive energy.
  • Giving yourself a dedicated writing time provides the spaciousness to think more clearly and to create an environment that serves you.
  • The hum of conversations going on by other folks who are not involved with writing’s actually quite soothing. These outside voices can add to your level of concentration and to the spirit of your writing.

Another benefit of writing in a group session is the joy you receive as the words come together magically, flying from your fingertips onto your laptop screen.

As writers, we spend hours by ourselves while we create our masterpieces. Having people around you while you make amazing progress supports the creative curve in your writing.

In my writing group, time is taken at the end of the session to share with each other on how the writing went.

The reward is listening to each writer reveal what was accomplished.

Here’s the Bonus:

You learn something new that helps you become a GREAT writer. It can be absolutely inspiring!  The energy’s electric as positive remarks are abundantly circulated.

Time flies when you’re having fun! Writing groups are not only enjoyable, but they’re productive too!

Taking the time to write doesn’t have to be a painful choice.

How badly do you want to write?

If your answer’s, “I love to write, and I want to make a difference with my writing,” then you’re already halfway there to finding the time to write.

You don’t have to spend hours behind a laptop, isolated and on your own. And getting caught up in the “I don’t have time” syndrome, or saying to yourself, “It’s too much trouble to go to a public space to focus for an hour on my passion,” are just things we tell ourselves because we haven’t found out how to get our writing done.

Ready to acknowledge your value as a writer? Try joining a writing group and scheduling a regular session to energize your writing. What you’ll accomplish will surprise and delight you!

For The Lone Writer

If you prefer writing by yourself and your time seems limited to get to your writing, try writing for shorter spurts of time.

  • When you first wake up in the morning, having a bedside journal to write down your intention for the day could be just the inspiration you need to positively jumpstart your day.
  • In the evening (or just before bedtime) try keeping a bedside journal that holds your gratitudes. What are you thankful for at the end of your day?
  • Keep a notebook with you wherever you go. Over the course of your day, jot down ideas that come to mind that could one day become an article or even a published book.

Before long, you’ll catch the bug of writing, and you won’t have any trouble discovering that important time to create your masterpiece!