Lauren Black is a creative strategist who helps entrepreneurs break free from their daily grind to plan for success. Having worked in the analytical corporate world and the creative design industry, Lauren combines right-brain and left-brain thinking to create strategic business solutions. As a multipassionate entrepreneur, Lauren currently runs three businesses: Legacy Loft, a graphic design & branding studio; Elevate & Cultivate, a community for design professionals; and Bosscation, a business retreat in a box for strategic business planning.

Lauren explains how it is she can run 3 successful businesses when a lot of people have a difficult time with 1. She describes each of the businesses, and the functions that they serve and provide. She explains her family background, and the growth portion of the businesses in order to better frame how she was able to get so much done.

Stacie and Lauren talk about corporate culture, as well as individuals starting their own businesses, and where things fit for both parties within her current projects. They also talk about the madness that drove Lauren to write all over her sliding glass doors with markers.

Lauren talks about establishing boundaries and sticking to them. She explains that it’s better for you, your employers, your family, and even your clients if you stand firm on the boundaries you set for them, and yourself. Se shares a few stories of scenarios that would have been more successful had she set boundaries and stood firm on them.

She discusses goal setting, and how to set them well and realistically, as well as making sure they are in alignment with what you actually value as a person. Stacie also mentions how moments throughout the day can be used for your advantage, without fully consuming all of your time, effort and energy.



“I tend to be a workaholic”

“You go to conference, and you come back with information and overwhelm, and you don’t take action.”

“It really does come down to knowing your self worth, knowing your strengths and knowing your gifts”

“I couldn’t keep going at the rate I was going… Working so many hours. I needed a change”

“You need to set boundaries and make them clear”

“It’s okay to pivot”