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Are you tired of having the same goals year after year with no major change or accomplishment to show for it?

If you’re ready to thrive and not just survive, these are the six behaviors you need to quit:

1) Being vague.

If you have vague desires and wishy-washy action plans, they’re not serving you. With all the clarity you can muster, articulate your vision and have specific goals, actions, and timelines to help realize that vision.

Be bold. Be specific. Be sure to write them down.

2) Going it alone.

Find mentors, role models, and coaches who can partner with you and help you make major strides toward achieving your vision. Also, spend time with like-minded dreamers and doers.

Don’t be afraid or too prideful to ask for help. Coaches, in particular, can help uncover the thoughts and beliefs you have that are getting in the way of your progress.

3) Wasting time.

If you truly want to thrive, you need to take consistent action. What systems and daily commitments do you have in place to help ensure progress?

4) Beating yourself up.

It’s time to give up the coulda-shoulda-woulda language you’ve been feeding yourself. Beating yourself up for not having achieved certain life or career goals isn’t energy well spent.

Instead, be grateful for what you’ve accomplished to date and use your vision-driven energy to stay focused and motivated.

5) Playing it safe.

To achieve new results, you need to take new actions. You’ll need to step out of your comfort zone to create real change in the new year. To help strengthen this “courage muscle,” take action that’s just a bit outside of your comfort zone and observe your success. Then your next action can be a bigger stretch to keep building that muscle.

It’s also important to have the mindset that failures can be part of the larger process. Reading biographies of successful industry leaders who’ve had their share of failures (and who hasn’t?) can be a helpful inspiration.

6) Waiting to feel 100% ready.

Reality check – you’re not going to receive any guarantees or feel 100% ready before you take action. You’ve got to take action in spite of the uncertainties.

Take the first step, then the next step will be clearer. You can change your plans as you learn more, but waiting’s no longer an option.

You deserve to live your best life, and more people will benefit from your gifts if you’re living at your full potential.

Now’s the time to quit the behaviors that keep you in survival mode and choose to thrive!