Photo Credit: Alexandra Kirr,
Photo Credit: Alexandra Kirr,

Being in “The Zone” is a phrase you’ve heard often, especially if you ever played sports. It’s the mental place where you’re completely relaxed and your mind’s free of distractions. You’re entirely focused on the task at hand and everything appears to flow effortlessly from you.

In this state of mind, you achieve exceptional results and perform easily and skillfully. In a similar manner, happiness is a state of mind. Finding your “Happiness Zone” allows you to be completely absorbed by feelings of contentment and joy in your daily life. If you pursue happiness, you’ll find it in all that you do.

As any athlete or performer will tell you, being in “The Zone” doesn’t just happen by itself. You must regularly train and practice to achieve this flow, this full engagement in what you’re doing. Likewise, finding your happiness zone requires skills and hard work. But there are specific skills you can learn to get in the happiness zone more often.

Stephen Covey, an author, educator, and motivational speaker, has identified 11 steps you can take to increase your ability to reach the happiness zone more often.  The modified steps are:

  • Forgive Others – forgiving those who’ve harmed you allows you to let go of hatred. This toxic emotion’s very draining on your well-being.
  • Convey Gratitude – Covey sums this up best as: “When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value.”
  • Practice Kindness – helping others with no expectations of anything in return’s a powerful way to make yourself feel good on the inside.
  • Develop Meaningful Relationships – having deep, meaningful relationships with others allows you to experience inner happiness. In contrast, superficial relationships lead to feelings of emptiness and toxic relationships can do permanent damage.
  • Avoid Social Comparisons – avoid overthinking and constantly comparing yourself to others as this is detrimental to your well-being. You should focus on comparing yourself to “you” of yesterday so that you can be a better “you” tomorrow.
  • Think Optimistically – training your thoughts to focus on positivity allows you to see infinite opportunities and potential, even in trying times.
  • Learn Coping Strategies – dealing with trauma and adversity requires skills and practice. Happy people have healthy coping strategies that let them see the good that can come out of challenging times.
  • Commit to Your Goals – committing yourself to a specific goal and achieving it has a powerful effect on your well-being. Your self-esteem improves and this motivates you to go out and achieve further success. Focus on creating incremental goals that’ll help you reach your larger goals so you can start feeling successful today!
  • Practice Spirituality – spiritual emotions are essential for happiness. When you practice spirituality, you connect to something larger than yourself. You find your place in the universe by surrendering to the idea that life’s bigger than us.
  • Nurture Your Body – appreciate your body by taking the time to care for it. Focusing on your health and well-being brings an energy and happiness to your daily life.
  • Savor the Joy – while we all know that life can be dark and filled with obstacles, it’s important to find joy in daily life. Deep happiness occurs when you allow yourself to be happy in life’s little moments and share these moment with others.  Live in the moment by pursuing joy and sharing it with others!

Keep in mind, positive thinking has a profound effect on you. When you focus on feeling joy and happiness, you end up seeing more possibilities and potential in your life. Optimism and positivity are fundamental to finding your happiness zone, as these tools affect how you interact with yourself and others.

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