‘The Gregory Nesmith Show’ – Let’s get personal about UNderdogStuff® in the news and the culture. The UNavoidable, The UNderrated, The UNjust, The UNbelievable, The UNinhibited and more. Shout out to UNderdogs, My People, and Curious Conservatives too.

Gregory Nesmith is an entrepreneur into on-air stuff, community stuff, and leadership stuff. Fighting for UNderdogs to rediscover how special we are in the world. Founder of UNderdogStuff® business consulting and leadership coaching company. Creator and host of ‘The Gregory Nesmith Show’. Gregory is on Twitter and Instagram. Website: www.GregoryNesmith.com. Email: [email protected].

God Is Good, Maybe? Porn Stars. And History.
Stormy Weather.
SPECIAL EPISODE: Surprise Packages!
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God Loves You And So Do I, Maybe?
Your Security Clearances. Women. And CEOs.
Phenomenal Women. And Men vs. Women CEOs.
Jared Kushner. Your Top Secret Stuff. And Your People.
Guns. Power. And The New You.
The Power Of Words.
Your Mama. Therapy. And 2018 Failed Resolutions.
Wakanda or Wall St? Rocky or Reality?
Food Stamps. Porn Stars. And Keeping Commitments.
Rocky Balboa. Black Panther. And Fake Heroes.
Questioning Love.


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