Contemplating our generation.
Presented by Riding Tides Life Coaching, this podcast explores life mastery for Generation X and beyond. Come with me and uncover your awesomeness.
New episodes released Mondays and maybe other days, cuz I don’t do rules.
PS. Adult language likely

How I Constructively Ate A Sh!t Sandwich
It’s ok To Be Blank
The Importance of Sanctuary
The Invitation Stanzas 9-12
The Invitation Stanzas 7 and 8
Wise sizing your life
Valentines – Happy Heart Day
Catching up
Catching up
Stanza 6 the invitation – the world is made of stories
Awake After 40 intro
Intensity vs intimacy
Invitation stanzas 3-5 part 2
Invitation stanzas 3 to 5 part 1
Invitation exploration second stanza


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