Photo Credit:  Nik Shuliahin,

Have you ever known someone that is in a constant state of crisis? You know, regardless of the situation, it always feels to them as if whatever is going on is an urgent emergency riddled with negativity; a dark cloud envelopes every situation and relationship. Or perhaps you recognize yourself in that description.

Taking action when faced with a dangerous situation is one thing, but staying in a perpetual state of crisis is fueling negative energy — only to create a negative vibration in your life that can ripple out and grow into more of the ‘bad’ while closing the door for the ‘good’ to come through.

Often, the unconscious motivation for staying in a state of crisis relates to setting up the opportunity to be the hero for others. That type of self-indulgence is short lived on the rewards side-of-things and the damage created far outweighs the potential for a lasting, positive opportunity.

There are two types of changes in your life: Expected and Unexpected. 

The choice to view those changes as a crisis or as an opportunity lies in the hands of each individual.

Let’s look at an example of an expected crisis. The weather center has stated a strong hurricane is brewing and your home is directly in the projected path. The options are to do nothing to secure your home and property OR do what you can to ensure that the potential damage remains minimal.

It’s not unusual for someone who lives in “crisis mode” to do nothing or wait until last minute to act.  When some form of storm damage occurs, they jump into rescue mode (remember that hero complex?) or focus the blame on someone or something else.  Both actions serve only to draw the attention away from the situation at hand and direct it towards the person in crisis mode.

An unexpected crisis can be blindsiding. Again, the faster one can focus on the positive side to the crisis and begin taking solution-based actions, the quicker the crisis can dissipate. Say there is a relationship issue that hits a rocky patch… this can be a crisis that, if not approached with the right energy, continues to escalate and could have irreparable effects.

Remember — like attracts like. 

If the focus is on the negative aspects of a rocky relationship, the indulgence of the negative energy is going to bring negative energy back. The space for positive energy needs to be created in order for healing to occur.

Living in reality with no judgments or preconceived notions of what the future holds is a way to begin breaking the cycle of perpetual crisis. Take some time to examine your perceived crisis situations.

What do you believe about the world, others, and yourself? Which of your ideas are reality-based and which are not? What do you value and why?

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, the personal contradictions have the space needed to dissipate. The inclination to seek out crises to “overcome” will lessen. This opens the door for self-confidence to grow and allows more joy (positive energy) into your life.

If you recognize yourself as someone who leans more towards crisis mode rather than a positive action mode, I would love to go deeper with you to discuss solutions that would work for you.

Now, rest easy — and the world will meet you halfway.