Money Answers
Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

It’s (really) not about the money.

Don’t you secretly wish that it was true, that more money would solve your money problem?

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t (and deep down somewhere in you, you already know that).

Money just amplifies more of who you are. So if you are fearful and a worrier now, you will be more so when you increase your income. If you are selfish and greedy now, you will become more so when more money comes into your life. If you are generous and a contributor, you will be more so when your money desires becomes a money reality.

More money is not the solution to your fears around money.

Can you feel into that, at some level?

What is the solution to your fears around money? In my experience, and in my clients’ experiences, it is comprised of five elements that make up the powerful inner work that allows you to break free from past conditioning and fears and live a life of true financial freedom.

What are these five elements and what are some revolutionary questions to kick start a happy and healthier relationship with money? Keep reading.

The Five Elements of Financial Freedom

Element 1: Awareness. The first step in creating what you want and mastering your fear by being aware of what current perceptions you have about your life and money through your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. You have probably have heard this before, but how ultra-aware are you being to change these? Being ultra-aware to the beliefs you identify with, allow you to create and see beyond them.

Money Revolution question: Why are you not financially free? Or what is holding you back from being financially free? (Is it people, circumstances, you?)

Element 2: Acceptance. Allowing what is to be through non-resistance and forgiveness of others and/or yourself. Why would you do this, you may be asking? Because this step creates courage and courage creates confidence. Courage and confidence are paramount to living a financially free life.

Money Revolution question: Who in your world needs forgiveness in your life right now? (Another person, a situation, or you?)

Element 3: Alignment. Going inward to get clear on what motivates you and activates you and creating beliefs that support your vision.  Sound pretty simple? Then why don’t we consistently get aligned with our truest self to move forward? Because we live in a culture that aligns outwardly, which results in trusting someone else, something else more than we trust ourselves.

Money Revolution question: What top 3 principles do you live by every day? Every day? Don’t know? Start empowering yourself by discovering or RE-discovering what are the top 3 things/principles/values you choose to live by and watch your world transform.

Element 4: Abundance: Practicing the belief that you are worthy of your desires. If you believe you are not worthy to receive, then how can you receive all the abundance available to you at any given moment? By law, we live in an ever expanding universe, always growing. We are always growing. However, if you are living in scarcity or lack mentality and have not done the inner work to clean that energy up (insert The Five Elements of Freedom), you are living with a major limitation! You are making it much harder on yourself.

Money Revolution question: Stop right here, relax your body through your breath, get present in this moment, and know that your soul knows what is needed in this moment to make the next best possible moment. Stay open and listen: what is calling your soul? What is it calling you to do next? And together with your unique gifts and your chosen desires, you will open to abundance in all its forms.

Element 5: Aligned Action: This is all about living with intention. This is your creative power in motion. Intention is everything.

Money Revolution question: what was your intention reading this article? What was your intention getting up today? What was your intention when you sat down at your desk? When you sent your kids off to school? And then from there ask, “What next step puts me in alignment with my intention?”

What intention do you have for your money?

It really isn’t about the money, it is more about what you want money to do for you. So the last Money Revolution question for you here is, “What do you want the money for?” and only you can answer that question. When you answer that question with honesty, it will set you on the trajectory for earning money through contribution, purpose, and joy rather than fear, anger, and the need to prove yourself.

If you would like more support around money, I invite you to say yes to yourself and your money and schedule a strategy session with me. Connect with me at [email protected].