Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or someone on a team who hopes to create a social impact in the world of business, serial entrepreneur and humanitarian Aaron O’Sullivan’s here to tell you why the sky’s the limit and share steps on how to get there.

Aaron O’Sullivan’s been building brands on Amazon since 2013, scoring several millions in product sales. In the last three years he’s built teams based in the Philippines, helping to scale up one team to a staff of 45 by building the entire Amazon systems and processes to run multiple brands. He also works with six and seven figure Amazon ecommerce entrepreneurs to focus on systemizing their business, while attracting and hiring talent from the Philippines to help grow their income as well as their impact. Aaron’s out to change the way that business is played and how consumers spend. As co-founder of a super food company, Be Love Body, a business that provides two nutritious meals to children in the Philippines for each product sold, his hope is to inspire entrepreneurs to make a difference and do more meaningful work.

Looking to strike it out on your own and work with purpose? Listen in on how it’s done and feel your momentum build!

Key Takeaways:

Your Big Why. In the early days of starting a business or working on a dream project it’s easier to stay committed, to stretch those long hours, and harness the energy you need to push forward. But as time goes on, the vision can get harder to see and the drive can subside. Keep your momentum alive by trying THIS…[7:53].

Your Best Resource. What do you want to be remembered by? At the end of your life, when loved ones are speaking at your eulogy, what do you hope they say? Aaron says this process can fuel your need to work with purpose. Create a business– a life– that becomes a force of good by answering THESE questions…[18:18].

Your Time Constraints. Your genius zone’s when you’re working in a mindset that makes you fulfilled, while you’re working on that one thing that you’re confident in and leaves you energized. Want to finally get time on your side to work “in the zone?” Try this ONE exercise to harness time and get things moving along…[22:57].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play! 

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