Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I’ll be happy when…”? We could fill in the blanks with a variety of thoughts, such as:

“I’ll be happy when…I find that perfect relationship.”

“I’ll be happy when…I get that promotion.”

“I’ll be happy when…my book is written.”

It’s a common experience to get caught up in these types of thoughts and feel the patterns of waiting for something in order to feel the way we desire to feel.

This type of “when” syndrome, however, can lead to regret, pain and so much delay or action not taken that the “thing” may not even happen.

How do we work to adjust our awareness and embrace the feelings we desire NOW, rather than waiting for “when”? Listen in on this week’s Meaningful Moment for Luke’s story, and the question he asks himself and his clients to help push past waiting and re-connect to what really matters in your life.