Think about a relationship that is meaningful to you. Perhaps a meaningful relationship is with a family member who really “gets” you. Perhaps it’s a group of close friends who have stayed together and seen each other through milestone after milestone. Today, we recognize that being a part of those relationships, whatever they look like for you, is a gift that is special.

Relationships are important to our physical well-being. When we have relationships in our life, we quite literally live longer. We’re happier. We feel our lives are more meaningful. But, relationships don’t always come without struggles and conflict. Through the years, with dedication and cultivation, you can learn how to focus on what matters and really be there for each other. You realize that we don’t have to do everything alone.

This week, we encourage you to cultivate the relationships in your life. Start with one, really close relationship that you would like to see grow and deepen, and take a small step towards making a deeper connection. Maybe it’s through sending a thank-you card, texting that person to tell them what they mean to you, taking that person out for coffee. Whatever works for you. And feel gratitude for the special opportunity you have to share your life with others.