Have you ever had a moment when you’ve found yourself ruminating on something in your life, tossing and turning ideas around in your mind until it’s almost exhausting? In this week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke relates and remembers the origin of The Meaningful Way podcast after attending a conference as a participant: thinking through ideas and approaching a thought regurgitation state — when finally his mind shouted: “What do you really want?”

It was in that moment that Luke realized he had forgotten what he really wanted, and the powerful question arose: What’s really going on here? And through that question, he was able to remember similar past interactions with clients, dive down past the surface to uncover what he was really craving connection to.

Getting stuck happens. It sneaks up on us and can leave us feeling powerless. But, that feeling of stuck-ness can be an opportunity for us to recognize and reflect on the core values and feelings we want and practicing BE-ing the qualities we desire in life.