Happiness is an inside job. Scientific research indicates that over time, we can build lasting habits that increase our resilience and improve our happiness levels. And if there was any doubt, listen to Charlie Mills, drummer-turned-addiction counselor, as he shares his epic journey of finding fulfillment in success in life no matter what comes your way.

Starting at age 13, Charlie had visions of becoming a world-traveled drummer, making music and performing live for hundreds of thousands of fans. By age 32 Charlie’s dreams became reality. Around that time he also created a teaching program that continues to positively impact young drummers in the New Jersey area. However, his internal struggles were getting the best of him and after years of battling the ups and hard downs of addiction, Charlie recovered from his illness and became a primary therapist specializing in drug and alcohol addiction. His story’s one of fame, recovery, and internal happiness.

The road to happiness isn’t always clear, but the destination is never too far.

Key Takeaways:

You have a dream and you can see it become reality. The path looks clear. The vision becomes the dangled carrot– motivating you forward as the world pulls you towards your dream. But what comes next is more than fame and glory…[09:01].

You’ve hit rock bottom and you’re on your way to recovery, but it’s a full-time job. One that makes you reevaluate the sense of normalcy and your role in it. The one thing you need to keep going, no matter what, is…[20:20].

Addiction can be anything that we feel we crave because we can’t be where we are. Perhaps we feel empty, unconnected, or that there’s something missing from within. But there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel. The ONE thing that’s at the heart of addiction AND recovery is…[29:06].

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