It’s no secret, as humans, we are all prone to being triggered by live events and encounters that cross our path each and every day. It’s in the acceptance of these conflicts that we are able to choose how we react and show up accordingly. But how could we get a deeper understanding of ourselves, and use our observations of others around us to show us where we can do better?

In this week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke discusses a thoughtful technique inspired by a recent interview with psychologist, Dr. Bill Crawford, which involves a deeper reflection and understanding of our expectations of others.

When a loved one — a family member or close friend — is triggered by a situation, how do we hope they will show up? What qualities and values do we want them to embrace? What lessons would we teach them and do we hope they will learn? And how can we use this hopefulness for others to then measure our own current state of being and how we exhibit our values in the face of daily challenges?

Listen in as Luke shares his own experience and offers guidance for embracing a deeper way of being in our own lives.