In this week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke reflects on a compelling theme from one of Matt Damon’s less popular — yet still powerful — movies, We Bought a Zoo: “You only need 20 seconds of courage to achieve great things in life.”

Think about the feelings you’ve faced in uncomfortable moments in your life. You might have felt fear, awkwardness, or even feelings of inadequacy. Now think about how pushing through those moments has helped you move forward. It’s no secret: once we move past fear and lean into more courage, life gets easier, change happens more quickly, and we are able to embrace our lives with more kindness, connection and love.

When is a time in your past that you could have used 20 seconds of courage? How could more courage change your life over the next year? And how can you use 20 seconds of courage to help transform your life TODAY?

This week, acknowledge your fears, and then find your strength and transformation through 20 seconds of courage to unlock a more meaningful life.