Financial Vision
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It’s not what you think.

If you want a different relationship with money so you can make the money you desire, you have to start with how well you value yourself. Valuing yourself starts with how well you know yourself. I am talking about your whole self, not just your mind, but your physical body also, which is part of your whole self, if you needed a reminder.

This is the body-money connection.

Looking at your how you value yourself through your body and how bringing your body into the inner work around money can be transformational.

Follow along: Your beliefs create your thoughts which create your emotions & feelings which create actions, which ultimately create your results.

Money brings up a lot of strong emotions and therefore feelings (triggers good and bad) and when we do not have tools in place to work with those emotions from a healthy place, we create actions and results that are less than ideal. Would you agree?

Separate it Out

So let me take a moment to separate emotions from feelings because we often use them interchangeably and it is fundamental to know the difference when looking at the relationship between your money story and your body. When you have more emotional literacy around Your Money EQ, you can start to pull apart why you feel the way you do about money more effectively and what supports expansion around money and what doesn’t.

Emotions are an immediate physiological response to a specific event. A feeling is the mental story you create to make meaning about the emotion. Emotions are automatic and universal, feelings are learned behaviors and vary from person to person. Two people can feel the same emotion and create two different stories about the meaning of the emotion.  Got it?

Where to Go Now

So moving on where do emotions first? In our body, the body tells us first–and then our mind takes over with the stories around it creating feelings which create actions which create results.

Start to see how tuning into your physical body can bring wisdom into your money relationship. Knowing and listening to your body brings you back to the present moment, creates more safety, offer you the opportunity to be with the totality of the human experience by being with the difficult emotions and the happy emotions and is a very powerful place to create from by confidently choosing what action is best at that moment to get the result you desire.   Listening to your body literally slows down time and increase your capacity to make better decisions around money.

So this can go either way, you can be happy and feel safe with listening to your body. Or as you are reading, you are saying to yourself, “Heck no, this is not what I signed up!” Just the mere thought of tuning in with your body is bringing up challenging feelings guess where–in your body. I am here to support you, and know that the resistance you feel is good and just means you are pushing up against your Money Energetic Setpoint, my term for  your abundance limit, and expanding it. I do imagine you are reading this article to master your inner game of money which at times will ask you to increase your Money Energetic Setpoint to allow  more money in, would you agree?


And in all seriousness, this is big for some of us. Connecting in with our bodies can bring up trauma, just like some of our disempowering money stories bring up distress and I completely respect you and honor you. So you are supported here and we are supporting each other, I want you to reach out and let me guide you through this or direct you other resources available. Money trauma and body trauma often come from the same place.

The Money Emotion Equation

So being that your feelings and emotions are directed by your subconscious, and money inextricably is tied to your emotions and feelings, when we look at the emotions part of the equation in the beliefs>thoughts>emotions>feelings> actions>results model. We can start to see that we can use our body, our emotions by checking in with them often to create different results–results we want.

When we get our in connection with our body, we get in very close connection with our emotions, and in turn very close connection with what is going with our subconscious. Getting your subconscious on board with your conscious mind is pivotal in transforming your relationship with money, taking calculated risks, making decisions, moving forward with confidence and clarity and making more money in your life therefore more freedom, and peace of mind.

Use your body this week when you engage in money related activities, money conversations, etc to increase your Money Energetic Setpoint. Allow yourself to notice the emotion, notice the feeling, check in and make a conscious choice to receive more abundance in.

It is time to start thinking of money in a different way that is more aligned with who you are, in all its highest self being. If you are living under the worry and stress of money in yoru business and your life, it is time to do something different. I can help. Connect with me at [email protected] and let’s have a money conversation that brings you more clarity and confidence around money.