Looking at Debt
Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Empowering yourself through abundance mindset techniques to reduce debt.

What is the first word or phrase you think of when you hear the word debt?

A lot. Credit cards. Student loans. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Heavy. Burden. Crippling.

Common words for a very common problem.

“How did I get here?” Many of my past clients have asked me this very question when it comes to looking at their debt. The debt situation is very similar to the overweight situation in this country.

How did we get here?

Firstly, I don’t know about you, but I was not taught much about personal finance at home or in school. Secondly, once you have debt you are barraged with messages that boil down to “you screwed up” and to cut back, reduce your spending, and budget. Go on a money diet! Basically, reduce living life.

It is a very contracting solution.

Yet, the laws of nature, the universal laws, and how the world works on a larger scale, are all based in expansion. Imagine if we thought about debt from an expansive space, in alignment with higher truths. How might we create better solutions to our debt conundrum?

Give Into It

Lean into giving yourself permission to grow, attract, and keep more of what you earn so that you can live a fully expressed life and pay off debt in an empowering way.

It is light.

To start you must be aware of the two biggest sabotages that if go unchecked get amplified when you have debt saddling you — your self-worth and your value.

Your value, as I define it, is feeling good about yourself, feeling good about your actions, and what your purpose is ultimately. You believe in yourself enough that although you might not have all the answers or are not doing it perfectly, you still feel good about what you bring to the proverbial table. You know you value yourself when you can tap into your inner genius for the wellspring of knowing that it is meaningful to you and others. Value is inner directed.

Whereas your worth, as I am referring to here, is a deep knowing of the abundance that is available to you at any given time. Your worth is more outer directed.

Self-inquiry and self-honesty are the two keys to uncovering your inherent value.

When we truly discover our value, we get in alignment with unlimited source energy and start living from a more powerful place that is full of ease, joy, and peace of mind. If we are not taught how to value ourselves, our bodies, and our thoughts early on, we start to start to seek value elsewhere. One of those places can be money and it is definitely a piece of the debt puzzle and how debt may have been created for you.

If you have debt currently, and you are carrying the psychological weight of it like an anvil attached to you, I want you to take out a pen and paper and write out a list of values that you believe you live by. If you need help with choosing your values, look up “Values Exercise” on the internet and feel into what principles you live by. Then grab a credit card statement, or if it is a single thing, a mortgage, a student loan, or car loan bring it into mind, and see if you can connect the transactions on that credit card statement or the visualization of the individual piece of debt to one of your values.

For instance, a house, and the corresponding mortgage that goes with it, might connect to my value of family because it is a safe place for me to grow and laugh and be with my family. Using a credit card statement, a meal out might connect to a top value of fun and enjoyment.

Start to see the good parts of the debt. Knowing you have a choice in every moment to change the way you spend or over spend money with debt.

If you find yourself not being able to connect to an idea you live by. Acknowledge the resistance behind the debt, forgive yourself for the overspending, find some positive aspects about the debt and start to be ultra aware of your patterns. What is driving the overspending? Get accountability and support through a coach like myself. The debt cycle will continue if you do not look at the why behind the debt.

Learning the laws of nature are keys to re-discovering your inherent worth.

Why is realizing your worth important? Knowing your true nature of abundance is important because if you do not recognize that this world is abundant by nature, by law, you will be swimming upstream constantly. This is big: When you know your worth, you bust the myth that says, “You have to work hard to make money”.

Knowing your worth is one of your superpowers in money mythbusting because when you know your worth you are working in alignment with your core truth and at the same time leveraging the universal laws around money. This is all about having more while doing less. Sound intriguing? Sound far-fetched? Too “out” there and not grounded enough? I invite you to stay open and consider what it would be like to manage your debt from this space? This is not the same pay your debt off by eating cans of tuna fish everyday. I am asking for expansion around debt. Lightness and openess. It’s a new way of looking at debt.

This is all about wealth consciousness. Your worth=wealth consciousness. Wealth consciousness suggests a complete absence of money worries and a complete awareness that there is always plenty of money to go around. People who live with true abundance never worry about having enough. They know that creating wealth and affluence is a function of their own mind-set around worth. We all have access to this. Every single one of you, even if you don’t believe it–yet.

Depending on what you read there are multiple universal laws that govern money. I will speak to two universal laws that apply to debt by expanding your opportunities and ideas to releasing debt and increase your self-worth naturally by tapping into them.

The Universal Law of Divine Oneness: You are the universe within, pure potential.

Yes it is true. You are the center of the universe. There is a divine spark in all of us. Just take that in–you are the center of the universe. You have the power of that universe within you. From that space, imagine what possibilities, what motivation, what action you would take with your debt. There is always enough. You are supported. You are enough. You are the universe within. Pure potential. Act from there around your debt.

The Law of Correspondence: As within, so without; as above, so below.

I will invite you to do an experiment with me illustrating this one. It is called the opposing force experiment.  Once you discover a lower energy happening in your outer world around your debt, transform that energy by applying the opposite energy. Since our energy is reflected back to us at all times, know that when you are faced with something negative, the quickest way to dissipate that energy, heal your subconscious, and connect to your Higher Self, is to react in an opposite fashion:

  • When you are criticized, praise someone.
  • When you are hurt, love someone.
  • When you are discouraged, encourage someone.
  • When you are afraid, reassure someone.

In that moment that you do apply the opposite energy, you are mastering the ability to listen to a wounded part of you, the part of you that feels the shame, heaviness, and embarrassment from your debt. Applying the opposite energy offers you the opportunity to react from your soul’s perspective. Feed the energy that you desire, focus on good and positive thoughts, and the opportunity for healing is created.

I invite you to explore more about the universal laws of nature that govern our world and start using them to yoru advantage instead of going against and discover a whole new way to deal with money, debt, financial freedom, and peace.

Start to think about the possibilities of living in a world without debt and increased self-worth and self-value. Create your own money revolution and make peace with today so that it will improve your future.

Don’t let debt keep you from living a fully expressed life (because that is whats happening, right?), let’s chat and have a money conversation that looks at where you are, where you want to be, and how I can help get you there. Connect with me at [email protected]