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When you organize yourself, what should you keep, throw away, or celebrate?

Who you are is all around you. Some people think it can even be read in your palm or the soles of your feet. Similarly, you attract, choose, and reject everything in your life based on who you think you are. That’s your life organization.

If you were going to organize a wardrobe that would look beautiful on you and support you in reaching all your goals, what would you keep and what would you throw away?

“It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.” 

― Sanhita Baruah

To organize something’s to decide what’s most and least valuable about it. If you’re an adult, almost everything in that closet, as in your life, was your choice to accept or reject. There are several reasons for those choices based on memories, illusions, and perception of your current reality. That perception organizes your physical and emotional surroundings. Even physical limitations and financial situations are more your perceptions of your reality than anything carved in stone.

Look in your closet, then take out everything that used to fit. Are you going to wear it again as soon as your body changes shape so it fits again? You remember that wearing it made you feel special. People looked at you and smiled. You want that special feeling, the smiles and high fives. Try each thing on and look in a full-length mirror. Can you see the indent for your belly button or a fold of belly where your pants used to be tight and smooth? Is there extra fabric where the buttons on that shirt used to lie flat?


Nothing stays the same. Even dead things change and you’re very much alive! Has your body, hair, or face changed? What’s wonderful about them that you can celebrate? Have you held those colors up to your face to see if they’re still flattering? If they aren’t, which ones are? Celebrate your inner and outer beauty! Are you now a busy parent who has little time for occasions that require these clothes? Organize! Give those clothes to someone who can use them now and get flattering things that celebrate your own “now!”

Look at the organization of your life. Which objects or people in your life only fit in remembered past but not in your present reality? When you look in the full-length mirror of your soul, or your truth, what friends used to meet your “need to be needed” without giving you anything you needed in return? What love interest that you thought could be special in your life is on a different path from yours now? To remain together, you’ll have to live in the memory of who you were then.

When you go to work, can you do everything you need to do with excellence but without needing to think about it much or give it much effort? Do you remember when working there was challenging and exciting? Do you want to have a boring life or one where you learn something new at least every week? What’s most valuable? What will you celebrate at the end of each day?


Back to organizing your closet – is there anything there that never fit? Did you buy it because you were on a diet and you knew you would fit into it later? Does your closet have illusions hanging up? Are there shoes on your closet floor that looked wonderful in the store but hurt a bit, even back then? You knew you would wear them once and never touch them again.  Choose to keep that closet the way it’s organized now or choose to change it as soon as you want to. You only need to change your mind.

This past year, has your life held illusions? Have you calculated your household budget solely based on hope and intuition? Have you started projects you knew you would never finish?  Are your life goals organized around your skill and experience or what someone told you to aim for?

This year, what do you want to keep from last year? What do you want to throw away? All things are possible. What are you going to celebrate?

Bruce Schneider from iPEC said, “We are always more than we think we are.”

Coaching helps you clarify your thoughts and crystallize your possibilities so you can organize both your life and their closet. You can reflect the reality of your choosing!

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