Secrets of Leaders
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The Amazing ‘Leader Secrets’ You Can Use Now

Have you ever looked at a person like Bill Gates or Alice Walton or Warren Buffet and wonder what they do differently from anyone else in the world that allows them to generate the level of success, wealth, and notoriety that they have achieved? I mean, after all, they are just normal people like you and me, right?

Every time I listen to Robin Sharma he has a profound effect on me. Essentially, Sharma’s message is that people who “live big” do so because of their habits, values, and routines. It has far less to do with individual genius or talent. In a masterclass with Leadership Guru, Robin Sharma in April 2017, he revealed critical daily practices that only elite leaders do.

They are: 1) Heartset, Mindset, and Gratitude 2) The 5 AM Club and 3) 90-90-1 Rule.

Let’s Explore These Three Leader Secrets


The first is journaling. According to Sharma, journaling actually releases the serotonin and dopamine chemicals in the brain. They make us feel good. Emotional responses are typically at the root of productivity loss. In general, people have a tendency to stuff their feelings. Journaling allows for a safe release of the emotions we don’t want to share with anyone else. It also offers opportunities to be grateful once the negativity is released.

In addition to journaling for the release of negative emotions and the celebration of life’s gifts, elite leaders also journal about their daily behavior. It reveals their deepest values and provides the clarity they need to ensure the decisions they make are in alignment with their true desires. Elite leaders set clear intentions for what they want to achieve each day. Their intentions are precise and well detailed. This allows them to move through their day with a great deal of clarity about who they are, where they are going, and the means in which they are going to get there.

Join the 5 AM Club

Second, Sharma says that elite leaders all belong to the 5 AM club. Did he say 5 AM? Yes! And, what in the world does one do at 5 AM? Sharma’s formula goes like this:

20 minutes Exercise + 20 Minutes Journaling + 20 Minutes of Learning= Personal Mastery

It sounds easy but it really is harder than you think! It takes consistency and discipline. You see, that’s the point. Where you have personal discipline you will also find professional discipline. This is key to success in business and in life. In this particular routine, exercise always comes first. It releases all of the necessary chemicals to make the next 40 minutes of your routine valuable. Following 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, 20 minutes are spent journaling, and the last 20 minutes are spent learning something new. Learning something new is defined as reserved time for online courses, podcasts, and intellectually stimulating material. So while the outside world is quiet and the rest of us are sleeping, the elite are learning and changing the world.

Personal Mastery + Professional Skills= Success


Mind+Heart+Ability+Knowledge= Success


The third habit is the 90-90-1 rule. Sharma calls this the daily ritual of focus. We are addicted to noise. Very rarely do we ever just embrace silence. It makes us uncomfortable. So we fill the air with television, radio, social media, mindless chatter, texting, and more. It can be terrifying to be alone in silence with ourselves and our thoughts. Yet this is the challenge. For 90 minutes every day, for 90 days, you must enter a tight bubble of total focus to concentrate on 1 thing that will inspire greatness and improve your craft (90-90-1). Believe it or not, this is done at work! You block out time for you where there is no noise, no news, no energy suckers, and no people. You become one with your environment and simply be…

You Can Use These Leader Secrets Too

Sound impossible? Nothing is impossible if you really want to unlock the secrets of elite leaders. How much time would you be willing to give each day to reach personal and professional mastery? Honestly speaking, I would find this quite challenging to do all at once. But who says we have to? Take small steps towards your personal and professional mastery. Start with something manageable like journaling or instead of 90 minutes of focus time at work, start with 20 minutes. Whatever you choose, make you a priority. Know that true leadership starts with you. Before you know it, you will be with the elite and master of your own life.


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