As I sit in my apartment, I can’t help but reflect on my weekend filled with vulnerability, openness, and empowerment. I was fortunate enough to reconnect with some friends. Rewinding back to January, the start of my year, my goals typically included proclamations of resolutions from weight loss to getting more sleep to traveling, but this year it has been different.

Instead of talking about the external day-to-day events, our conversations shifted to a deeper meaning and understanding of each other. We talked about our struggles, our blocks, and our visions for an awesome life.

How did this happen? Just five little words. Are you ready?

“How can I support you?”

So simple, but so loving. At the moment when these words came out of my friend’s mouth, the water works of released pressure and anxiety poured out. I realized at that moment, I didn’t have to hold everything together and do everything on my own. I had options, I had a network, and I had support.

As we went around the table discussing our intentions and visions thus far, for the year, we always came back to those five words and the energy shift for each of us was palpable. This event was a game changer in our relationships with friends, colleagues, and… well, human beings.

Think about how those five words can change your relationship with your significant other, your friends, your co-workers, or a stranger. So, now I challenge you to do just that.

Ask and receive.