Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters,
Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters,

What will the future of work look like? How can you ensure you’re successfully positioned to evolve as work evolves?

Connection with others and focus on social skills will be key to success.

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report, there’s an anticipated decrease in many job functions we know today. Specifically, office and administrative, manufacturing, production, and construction. In their place, we may see growth in other areas such as business and operations, management, computer and mathematical, architecture, and sales.

While computers and machines continue to automate work that’s historically been done by humans, it’ll be up to humans to uncover the next set of business problems and opportunities.

Whatever future job classifications look like, the study points to social skills as a necessary criteria for success in the future of work. This includes emotional intelligence, collaboration, persuasion, and ability to teach others. How would you rate yourself in these areas?

I’ve recently joined four other coaches within this community to create the Intentional Life Lab. Within the lab, we’re working with our students to help them think critically about their vision, energy levels, mindset and skillset in order to succeed in both their present and future line of work. Collaborating on this has felt like the closest thing to the future of work that I’ve been exposed to in my career.

Here are a few reasons why it feels like this:

  • We’re collaborating across three cities and two different time zones.
  • Our forums for work are Slack and Zoom — technology that wasn’t familiar to me during my nine to five job.
  • Most of our meetings take place outside of normal business hours. Our busiest collaboration times are Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.
  • We have to be completely tuned into one another emotionally because we aren’t in the same room with one another and we’re working at a rapid pace.

The future of work’s both scary and exciting. It’ll require many of us to hire, train, and coach differently.

Collaboration will be a constant. Connecting with others both within our job roles, as well as within the broader world, will continue to be necessary to keep up with both the technological and human elements of work.  

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