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There’s no better person to get to know than yourself. Many people spend a lifetime trying to discover their true selves or their purpose in this world (me included!).

The good news is that there are countless ways you can get to know yourself better. One of those ways, which is often overlooked, is embarking on creative endeavors.

There are some powerful ways to embrace your creativity that can help you learn more about yourself in the process.

Here are a few to get you started (and the biggest self-discovery lessons you can learn from each):

You can apply creativity to anything…

Think that the only true creatives out there are starving artists that shudder themselves in the studio working late into the night? Think again!

Creativity can apply to anything from making a meal, applying your makeup, negotiating a salary, or developing your business plan. In fact, approaching everyday challenges or business ventures with creativity may help you achieve your ultimate goal more easily.

You can tap into your creative juices just about any time when you’re creating anything. This is an incredible way to stretch your improvisational skills and discover how flexible and intuitive you really are.

The next time you’re preparing dinner and you run out of a key ingredient, or you’re pitching a new idea to your boss, get creative! You may be pleasantly surprised at what you can come up with. And even if the meal’s not a hit or your idea went over like a lead balloon at the office, remember, at least you found a little more of your ability to improvise, be flexible, and intuitive — and those are great skills to practice in your journey of self-discovery.

Give yourself permission to create crap…

Many people cease to take action when they’re not sure what actions to take or if they feel their idea isn’t “ready”. This way of thinking can squash your creativity!

By giving yourself permission to create less-than-perfect products, ideas, art, whatever, you allow yourself to get into the creative flow… and just create.

People tend to be most creative when they’re in a good mood. And being in a creative flow tends to put people in a good mood (around and around it goes from there!). But it’s nearly impossible to get in your creative flow when you’re judging yourself or the work you’re creating, so cut yourself a break.

By doing so, you’ll discover greater levels of happiness and a broader sense of self-acceptance for yourself and your work. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Finish your work and share it…

No one ever profited from work that wasn’t complete. One of the greatest feelings you can get out of your creative endeavors is to finish your work.

Finishing your work will require that you embrace that “self-acceptance” I spoke about earlier. It’ll require you to diligently work on your project until completion. But what do you do after you allow yourself to be less than perfect and you complete your creative work or project? Well, you have to share it!

Sharing your creation is a valuable way to tap into your own vulnerability. It can be scary to put your work out there. People that create often expose their emotions, memories, beliefs, and flaws through their work — and that can be an extremely intimidating thing to do.

But it can also be incredibly empowering and powerful to open yourself up to others. You can explore your own creativity and experience some self-discovery, but you have to actually put your work out there in order to fully be vulnerable and learn more about that side of yourself.

It’s easy to judge or critique from the nosebleed seats. Stepping into the ring and taking a couple punches on the chin takes real courage.

Wherever you are on your path to finding yourself, consider exploring your own creativity to further your growth. There’s a whole lot you can learn through that process!