Photo Credit: Aral Tasher,

Do you remember what it was like to first learn to drive?

Basic acceleration and braking were somewhat easy, assuming you weren’t learning to drive a stick-shift — that took a little longer. While it required a little practice to execute smoother starts and smoother stops, things did even out naturally.

What about parallel parking? Driving on ice? Navigating a tight parking garage? There are many new driving experiences that we continue to master along the way. And even once mastered, we need to pay attention to the road.

My daughter just started her journey into driving and I couldn’t help but see the parallels that we all face as we learn to navigate new levels of awareness and notice that no matter where you might be  on your journey into consciousness, every one of us continues to bump into new terrain that we learn to navigate.

Consider the experience of creating something you really want in your life– and somewhere along the way, it loses its appeal, or perhaps isn’t working out like you imagined. Whether this experience happens in your job, in a relationship, or any other life experience, it can be confusing to figure out why something may have once looked really great but your current experience of it is not so great.

What’s going on?

A couple things might be going on in situations like this.

First, it’s possible that you’re simply growing, and what you originally created no longer fits; you’ve outgrown it.

Or conversely, perhaps you imagined what you wanted from a place of inspiration, but are finding that day-to-day you’re not able to maintain that enthusiasm that was once there, finding it difficult to move forward consistently. This can range from frustrating to painful to get stuck there.

Rediscovering the joy in your vision

Personally, I sometimes run into this challenge when working on long-term projects. Sometimes I have clarity of purpose and make forward progress by leaps and bounds. And other times, I can be challenged with lack of motivation, finding it hard to keep any momentum. When that happens, I know it’s time to slow down and tap back into the vision of what I’m creating. This helps me create a sort of energetic reset, so I can continue to create from the level of inspiration that inspired me.

Smoothing out the ride energetically, then, comes down to becoming more aware of this natural ebb and flow and savoring the unfolding. This deliberate process provides a consistent energetic boost, building momentum again and again. When you notice that the energy’s waning again, simply slow down to imagine, plan, and relax to boost again. Honor the natural cycle and your role in it.

It’s helpful to weave this process into our day-to-day lives, consistently making time every day to consciously step back and return to the higher levels of energy. A regular meditation practice can really make a difference in this way.

When you consistently practice maintaining the higher levels of energy, things flow more easily. And because the universe is a dynamic place, you already know that when they get a little bumpy again, you know that’s just part of the natural flow of creation and you’ll know exactly what to do to soften those bumps along the way and gain momentum again.

And that’s when you really begin to enjoy the ride.