Dark Side of Money
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Explore Money Using Shadow Work

Oooooh the dark side of money. Yes, there has to be a dark side, so we can full embrace the light side of money. Yes, there is a light side too.

The dark side, or shadow side, of money must be explored and acknowledged rather than swept under the rug or else it continue to have its grasp on you in ways that do not allow you to live financially free.

You may be living in the dark side of money right now in the form of your disempowering money mindsets, money stories, money hang-ups, money realities based in scarcity. You may be wondering how to get to the light side of money. Well you are reading the right article because one of my many superpowers is bringing light to the dark side of money.

Exploring the shadow side of money asks you to be super open and willing to look at the shadows that play out in your world.

What is the shadow?

The shadow, in the context of this article, is the sides of you that you reject, ignore, suppress, even disown because at one time somebody said it was not good to be “that” way. When we recognize that shadow and give voice to it, we give ourselves permission to integrate it into our day to day, allow ourselves to be fully expressed, and live and choose and create results from that place. It is very liberating to let the parts of us that we have suppressed for so long come to the surface and see the light, so we can move on with cleaner energy.

Carl Jung, famous for formulating the concept of the shadow, described the shadow as an unconscious aspect of the personality which the ego does not identify with. It is the quality, personality, or traits that you don’t want anyone to think you are. The shadow is created out of judgment and judgment is fear-based emotion.

A couple of shadow examples

From my own experience with life, I’ve learned I’m needy, I’m vulnerable, I’m angry, I’m confrontational, I’m an expert. How do I know it is a shadow? One way to identify your shadow is to think about people who provoke an exaggerated emotional response in you, either positive or negative. These might be people you know personally or public figures. The things you dislike or admire about them could be undeveloped potentials in you.

When I have seen these traits I listed above in others, I would get triggered. A visceral feeling rises up in me, and now with this work, it is an opportunity for me to use the other person as a mirror, discern and ask, “Is that me?  Do I have that characteristic somewhere in me, which I have judged as bad or wrong?” And then ask, “How can use this to my potential?”

Bringing it back to money, what are the aspects of money or people having a lot of money that you find triggering? Greed is a common one. Overindulgence. Too much.

What does money bring up for you that you might have been suppressing, that might be holding you back from making the money you desire to do the things you want to do? It might be your Money Shadow.

You are not alone here.

Here is the great thing–we all have them. Don’t go making yourself feel bad. All the shadow wants is to be acknowledged that it is a part of you that has something very important to tell you.

What is also fascinating is Carl Jung said the shadow is the seat of creativity. Why? Because it contains every potential in us. Embracing your shadow parts can open up more possibilities simply by allowing ourselves to be more of who we are. Embracing the totality of the human experience. Therefore, there is more of you, in all your fullness to receive what you desire, be it money, love, health, etc.

What could you create when you embrace the totality of your human-ness. What would you do if you gave yourself permission do what you wanted to do because you didn’t have to hide any part of yourself?

That is what piqued my interest, thinking about how the shadow could work with creating what you desire in the money area of your life & business.

Let’s dive in a little here I want to illustrate how you can take the power, the energy, of the shadow, and create in aligned action so you can start to close that gap of where you are to where you want to be…

Think about it.

When you reject your shadow, you are creating a judgment about yourself. “This is good. That is bad.” This judgment is now a rejection of a portion of your wholeness. You judge it and from this judgment fear is created and narrows your ability to see opportunities, possibilities that would bring abundance to you.

Your truest desires come out of the shadow, and the energy of your shadow aspects allow you to realize those desires.

So let’s play with this.

One of my shadows I play with is angry. “I am angry. I’m pissed off, I don’t give a damn, I’m angry for giving my power away to others, I’m angry that my business is not growing, I’m angry I can’t go away on vacation this spring, I’m angry I was ignored yesterday by a colleague. I’m freaking angry!” Can you feel the energy of that?

It’s bold, it’s instinctual, its intuitive, its emotional, it’s automatic, it’s perceptive, it’s natural. It’s the energy of anger.

And then digging deeper, it is also showing me my truest desires. I want to take back my power in a certain situation, I truly want my business to grow and flourish, I want to go on vacation this spring, I want to be seen and heard for my brilliance.

To illustrate further how this has played out…. I recall around this time last year, I was so fed up with one of my clients who wasn’t doing the work to the point where I wanted them to succeed more than they did. It was really getting me pissed off and one day I looked at the situation and asked what is this anger telling me?

It was telling me that I wanted higher quality clients and it motivated me like nothing else to decide from that moment on that I will only work with clients that took 100% responsibility for their experience and their results. This decision made out from the energy of anger resulted raising my rates to attract those higher quality clients, who were committed to doing the work. Boom! Business growing. That was easy. This shadow of anger showed me that strength, personal power was inside of me asking to be used in a way that would leverage my business. You could say being strategic with your emotions.

Success is all about energy management. Execution is the easy part.

I released energy tied up in rejecting myself and redirected it into uncovering opportunities in my business and make choices from that empowered place to go after those desires using the energy of angry: bold, instinctual, intuitive, raw and uncut, automatic, perceptive, clarity, and confidence. This is the power behind the shadow.

Embracing our shadow aspects creates more balance, more ease, and makes the gap smaller of where you are to where you want to be. You now create from a place of wholeness where you ask for the sale, you raise your rates, you show up as the expert, you ask for what you want from your partner, you are more open to receiving, more creativity to work from, more ideas to capitalize on, more money, more freedom.  What might be the power, the magic behind your shadow that opens you up to create the outcome you desire?

The Shadow Questions

The shadow comes bearing gifts. It is normal to have a shadow. My questions for you to play with:

Identify: What are some aspects of YOUR dark side? (Mine were needy, vulnerable, angry, confrontational, expert)

Integrate: What are the gifts of that dark side? What is the energy of your shadow? What desires is the shadow telling you? A good way to find this out is to dialogue with your shadow or meditate.

Act: how can you show up harnessing that shadow energy (becoming truly aligned) to create a desired outcome in your finances today?

I will leave you with this: to be prosperous you must live in the full range of human capacity/emotions to create the results you desire. Not integrating the shadow is the ultimate abundance limit. Why? 

Your essence contains your genius, your ideas, your creativity. Your essence is the whole part of you, the seemingly good parts and the bad parts, if you are not integrating all of you, you are missing a piece of your genius, you limit your capacity for creativity and ideas, and you limit your capacity to receive financial abundance in all its forms.

What might be the power, the magic behind your shadow that opens you up to create the outcome you desire?

What are your shadows around money? Let me help you identify them, integrate them, and create aligned action from them quicker than you would on your own. Connect with me at [email protected].