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All too often, many of us find ourselves with a ‘set opinion’ of how something is or should be. And then we look for the affirmations that prove our ‘set opinion’ to be true. This is known as Confirmation Bias and can be detrimental when moving through challenges as they arise.

It’s all about the mindset and being open to ALL possibilities.

If you’ve got a set opinion of how you expect something is going to turn out, (and if that opinion proves negative), you’re doomed from the start. From the beginning of the process, you’ll be looking for negative confirmations that show your initial expectations were true and overlook the positive and good results that show up. With this view on things, more often than not, you’ll fizzle out and fail to see the challenge through to the end.

There are steps you can take at the beginning of any new venture that will allow for the full potential of that venture to shine.

  • Don’t have an opinion at all  Stay open to a variety of outcomes. This will keep you from subconsciously manipulating things to get the outcome that you think should occur.
  • Check in frequently and go with the flow — Again, this will allow you to adapt and adjust your actions as needed to keep a forward momentum.
  • Don’t let new ideas scare you — I get it. New things are scary. The unknown is scary. But what if that major milestone is just beyond the fear? You could be missing out on countless opportunities by letting fear hold you back.
  • Leave your ego behind — This one is tough. I mean, who has a better vision and more drive for your success than you do? Sometimes our ego can be our worst enemy. Let others help. Listen to their insights. Learn from their successes and failures as you would your own.

By consciously recognizing and eliminating Confirmation Bias, you create a broader window for possibilities and success to come your way. You’re open and flexible to seize those opportunies as they appear and work them into your journey.

Don’t miss the hidden gems and gifts along the way because your forward sight was too fixed and narrow — sometimes those nuggets are the key to taking things to the next level.