Photo Credit: Andreas Klassen,
 Photo Credit: Andreas Klassen,

What does it take to create passionate pride in your company?

How do you instill a belief in each and every one of your employees that their jobs are valuable to the company and to your customers?

What could happen if everyone had the same passion for your business that you do?

Service With a Smile

Driving the last leg of a recent road trip through the mountains, a stray rock flew up and cracked my windshield– Again! After my initial annoyance, this turned into a positive experience thanks to a company with pride in their service and an avid drive to excel in every customer interaction.

Their website customer support recognized that I was most likely annoyed with the hassle of fixing my windshield, and that I was busy and didn’t have time for a lot of inquiries. They answered questions I didn’t even know that I had, connected directly with my insurance company, and scheduled a trip to my house for replacement the next morning.

The service tech showed up on time with a smile on his face, pride in his work, and finished in less time than he estimated. He texted three times on his way to let me know when he was delayed, and still showed up at 6.30am (as promised). I received multiple emails before and after, confirming that insurance was all set to cover the replacement and asked for feedback following the job. The positive energy that they created with each contact will amplify with every person with whom I share my story.

To build and foster a passionate team across all functions, try these three strategies:

Approach All Interactions With a Spirit of Service

First, be very clear with your entire organization about how important your service or product is to your customer. Paint a detailed picture of your client.

What does your product or service do for them?

What are their feelings as they approach you as a potential business partner?

What do they feel following completion of your interaction?

How can you make it the most enjoyable experience of their day to work with your company or to use your product?

You want everyone, from the receptionist to the shipping clerk to the customer service rep, to know who they’re dealing with and to be prideful in the quality of service that they provide. “Catch” people doing an excellent job of taking care of customers and give them recognition. Include customer satisfaction in performance reviews. Share stories of happy customers, and those with less stellar experiences and how to avoid them in the future.

Ensure that Your Processes Support Excellence

Empower your company with tools for success.

What tools do you have in place to make it easy for everyone to provide excellent service?

How do you foster customer communication in all phases of your interaction?

What do you do to enhance employee pride in your organization? Special uniforms for your field personnel? High quality business cards? An easy to use CRM system?

Even small investments can make your employees feel valued and add to their pride in representing you to their customers. Be curious here — your people doing the jobs will know what would help them go from good to great service. Ask lots of questions and discuss alternatives. Being involved in enhancing excellent service will add to everyone’s feeling of engagement and ownership. Spend time at the help desk and the complaint center with your customers. Really listen and you’ll receive a wealth of information.

Celebrate and Thank People Often

Celebrate excellent service. Perhaps weekly “Superior Service Story” awards of $25 given to employees from all areas who go the extra mile for their customers.

Recognize those who make extraordinary effort and celebrate them in the company newsletter and social media. Encourage customers to recognize exceptional interactions and impactful product successes. Highlight as many stories as you can find– be curious and catch people doing great things. Include leading this attitude by example as part of performance reviews and bonus programs. Make it very clear throughout the organization that this is important to your company’s success.

Rallying your organization’s energy around pride in excellence will yield remarkable rewards. You’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction and resulting business growth, a reduction in employee turnover, and many more smiling faces!


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