Teresa Young

Life Coach, Personal Coach, Spiritual Coach


I'm a certified professional coach and lifelong student of the wild, wonderful human journey. A transplant to L.A. from the East Coast in 2004, I immediately felt right at home. It seemed like everybody was going after a dream or two, which has always been my approach. From my satisfying obsessions as a musician and music educator, to three years of training in energy medicine with special emphasis on the chakra system, to beginning a holistic coaching practice in 2000 using that core energetic training, to earning a coaching certification once the profession was well established, I've lived my passions, and I want you living yours. Then the journey really is the destination, and your body/mind/spirit is engaged in life in ways that can keep you healthy over the long haul. You aren't waiting for your real life to begin... someday. As Jung said, if you're on the path, you're at the goal. These days I call that "left coast" living, wherever you are. Learn more. And by the way, I love coaching by phone. In our busy 21 century lives, why not, right?

How I can help

We begin with the Energy Leadership Index, a phenomenal attitudinal assessment that you take online in about 20 minutes. You receive a report illustrating your energy usage habits when things are going well and when you're feeling stressed. Our discussion of your assessment report jump-starts our coaching conversation past weeks of "getting to know each other." I coach you in containing, protecting, and directing your energy--your most precious resource--to accomplish what you want most.

Who I work with

I coach bold, savvy folks ready to ACT on what they really, really want.


Teresa got me moving when I was stuck in a career transition. Her probing questions toward clarification of issues provided the enthusiastic direction I needed to get my new business well underway. Teresa is a caring, warm person who is passionate about her work, and passionate about her clients. Her holistic approach to coaching embraces a wide range of pathways to change. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Stephen, making a transition to entrepreneurship

Teresa has a great presence--she's both steady and energizing. She also consistently recognizes the positive in my situation and gives me language to express an empowering spin on what I'm going through. It really puts a wrench in my complaining, but it's contagious, and powerful. Finally, Teresa has a great sense of the artful, deep, and mysterious in life, which are assets in someone who's supporting others as they create new life circumstances.

- Michelle, a young creative on the rise

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