Steve Schmitt

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Management Coach


I have spent much of my adult life understanding how to make significant changes in the personal and professional lives of people I meet. I am so grateful to have the opportunity, in my more than a decade of coaching, to help people achieve their dreams and aspirations and assist them in receiving other benefits that they were not aware would come from our work together.

How I can help

I help people be better at what they do and to enjoy it more, which also translates into a more enjoyable life all the way around.

Who I work with

People looking to improve their careers and their lives


Below are a few of the benefits that I have received as a result of working with Steve. Increased confidence in management skills – When I started with working Steve, I had roughly four months of management experience. I’ve always been a confident person, however managing people was a new challenge that I can now admit, I WAS NOT READY FOR! Steve’s approach worked very well with me. Instead of always trying to find the answers, he taught me to just ask the right questions. This along with many other techniques has allowed me to be in control of any situation with my employees, which results in me being a more confident manager. Stimulated my talent to be creative – Any working environment can potential cause somebody to only focus and day to day work and never consider a new approach or idea. Working with Steve has helped establish creativity as a part of my everyday thinking, not just something to focus on now and then. This way of thinking has begun to spread throughout my department and I’ve already witnessed some significant process improvements. Awareness of people’s energy level – An expertise of Steve’s is to teach people about the different Energy Levels. Understanding this knowledge is extremely beneficial because it allows you to better communicate with somebody and understand how they may be feeling. Not only does it help with others, it allows you to truly reflect on yourself and changing your own point-of-view

- JD - Risk and Compliance Executive - Michigan

When I first reached out to Steve at Change Frog, I felt like I had hit a wall in my current position. I was struggling with a recent restructure and new manager, and was fearful that I had no where else to go. I had been job hunting for the first time 10 years and after 18 months of looking (and only a handful of real prospects), I was very discouraged. One of the first things Steve said to me was, "your confidence isn’t gone yet- but it’s definitely been scuffed up and needs some polishing.” Steve was able to get to know me quickly and customize our sessions to the style that worked best for me and my demanding schedule. He first reconnected me with my personal values and showed me how the new environment at work was at conflict with those values. He then helped me completely re-haul my resume and the way that I think about myself, my worth and the value of my skills. His consistent positive attitude and kind guidance also helped me through a painful personal loss that occurred during the course of our sessions. He was always attuned to where I was emotionally and intellectually in the process and adjusted our work accordingly. The confidence and courage I gained through working with Steve not only put me on the path to finding my dream job; it improved my performance at work, sustained my spirits through a challenging time at home, and motivated me to go out and get the great things I now know I deserve.

- ALB - Customer Service Executive - Michigan

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