Silvia Martin

Personal Coach, Life Coach, Transition Coach


Silvia is a Personal Development Alchemist who works on Human Potential. She helps you find your Inner Gold, breaking through layers and going deep into the person you truly are. Who are you? What do you want?

How I can help

The areas I specialize in are self-confidence, inner child healing, setting of healthy boundaries, self-love and human potential.

Who I work with

People who want to shine their potential


"I have known Silvia since 2011 and never met a more intuitive person ever since. She is so connected to her core, enabling her to always say the "right" things at the right time. She has helped me climb out of many dark holes. And most importantly, her words and actions have eventually inspired me to find my spiritual side and go on my own journey (which till then were all alien concepts to me), so till today I am happily cutting ropes because of that. Give yourself the gift of being coached by Silvia, you won't regret it!"

- Els V.W., VIP Flight Attendant

"I met Silvia at a time when there was a lot going on in my life, I was in several transitional periods all at the same time. I was so much in my head and focused a lot of energy on what I “should” be doing, and by when – I was always in a rush. Working with Silvia allowed me to face what I really wanted to achieve in my life. She is so intuitive and challenged me to face my fear-based actions. Week by week, there was a powerful shift happening for me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. By the 12th session, my life had changed in a dramatic way. I embraced my creative side which was the real me, and loosened up on rushing through everything. Silvia helped me connect my head with my heart, I care for myself a lot more now than I ever did. I would recommend Silvia to anybody who is ready to go on a journey of discovery. Expect her to guide you, empower you and kick your behind to get you going from time to time. She’s an amazing person and an excellent coach!"

- Jessica Rockson, Communication Expert in Banking

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