Peter Colgan

Life Coach, Management Coach, Executive Coach


Pete Colgan is a happiness expert who helps sales and marketing professionals who want to feel fulfilled so they can manage stress, build thriving businesses and create successful, happy lives. Building on a successful 30-year medical device marketing and sales career, he helps his clients develop strategies to manage the stresses that come with their profession so they can create successful, happy lives. He earned an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

How I can help

Feeling isolated? Disconnected from purpose? Feeling like the corporate world is sucking your soul out? Having trouble living up to others'expectations? Then you're in my tribe! Through individual and group coaching (which I especially enjoy), I'll help you get real about what makes your heart sing and use that insight to maximize your potential and happiness. If you'll go there with me, I'll help you tap in to the spiritual core of what brings you joy. Connect with that, and you're unstoppable!

Who I work with

I love working with mid-career sales and marketing professionals and business owners. Why? Because senior executives are already well served, and there's so much more opportunity to influence the course of a lifetime if we can get our mindset in shape earlier in our careers! I also love working with millennials -- for the same reason.


I decided to work with Pete because I was searching for new meaning in my business life. Was I at a cross roads? Was I ready for a new job opportunity? As we peeled back the onion, I realized that I also had things in my personal life that needed work. I finished the program primed to focus on “simple” things like being a better communicator (with my kids, wife and parents…and work colleagues too), being more open and accepting of other’s views, and being OK that many things are out of my control. Understanding how we are really all connected changed everything for me!

- Chris D

This mastermind group is excellent! The coaching from Pete and the group sessions have helped me gain a sense a clarity around my goals, vision and values. This has helped me not only in my professional life but also my personal life. The workbook, sessions and individual coaching sessions provide the perfect balance of information and practice to really embrace the valuable lessons. You don’t just learn skills and strategies, you change your way of thinking!

- Robyn E

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