Morgan Quist

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Management Coach


For over 20 years I’ve counseled executives from major industry players to creative start-ups —  strategizing, planning, coaching, communicating, managing and leading. I have developed and implemented organization-wide employee engagement initiatives and coached leaders one-on-one to work through barriers and improve individual and team results.

How I can help

1) One-on-one executive/leadership coaching - working through barriers and improving individual and team results e.g. building trust, managing performance, improving communications 2) Developing organizational employee engagement and strategic communications plans for organizational changes, new HR programs, etc.

Who I work with

Leaders in organizations - from entrepreneurial orgs to Fortune 500


Morgan was a strategic consultant to me during a department reorganization, providing strategy and coaching throughout the decision-making process. The results exceeded my expectations. She also administered a new, easy-to-implement 360 assessment tool, brought structure and definition around a Team Leader role, and helped the team advance with our process improvement and relationship-building efforts. I noticed a visible increase in the team’s level of confidence and engagement as well as improved effectiveness and efficiencies.

- University of Southern California, HR Director, Kelly Moy

Morgan provided strategic counsel for our Employment Experience initiatives, including talent management, leadership development and communications on new and changing HR programs. It was great to partner with her. Her strategy and insights were critical to our efforts, and she brings a positive energy to everything she does.

-, HR Director, Zeina Habash

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