Melissa Corley Carter

Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Transition Coach


I thrive on human connection, thinking creatively and strategically, and empathizing with and relating to others. I have a strong engineering background by education and training, and 11+ years of active duty Air Force experience in engineering and leadership roles. In 2015 I transitioned to the Air Force Reserve as a part-time leadership and professional development instructor. In my coaching practice, mc2 Energy Coaching, I help overwhelmed and unfulfilled professionals slow down, be themselves, and still reach for the stars. Please visit:

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You're dreaming of a life that ignites your passion and excitement, but maybe you’re struggling with guilt, fear, sadness, or shame at the thought of diverging from a path you've been trained for or feel expected to follow. An actual rocket scientist now specializing in life design and mindful leadership, I'll guide you through a process called “Rocket Science for Your Soul,” exploring your natural preferences, life experiences, and energy influencers so you can create a life you truly love.

Who I work with

Overwhelmed, ambitious overachievers longing to feel fulfilled and fired up


Working with Melissa is the most powerful thing I could be doing with my time. This is SO helpful, identifying gremlins and old patterns and how to concretely and specifically change my responses and practice showing up differently in my life. Her questions helped me pinpoint the source and identity of my "smallness" gremlin, which helps me see how I can release and retask it to support me as I am now, not as I was in the old, now-derelict ways. Now I am recognizing sooner when I go into old patterns, I am asking for what I need, and I am speaking up without fear of being who I am. Going this deep can be scary, but I trust Melissa, and her constant support helps me remember who I am. Thanks for your easy style and bold support, Melissa!

- A.M., Los Angeles, California

When I first met Melissa I struggled with the direction of my career, where I was devoting my daily energy, an ill-defined value system, intimate relationships, and lack of self-confidence. Working with Melissa I developed a personal mantra on light and self-confidence that has greatly helped me on a day-to-day basis. It was also eye-opening for me to assess my values and become conscious of how I'm actively living them out each day. I am most grateful for Melissa's wisdom and generous spirit.

- R.M., Anchorage, Alaska

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