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My name is Lisa Ann Carr and I am the proud owner of InSight 2 Potential Executive Leadership Coaching.  I come to this position with master coach training from iPEC, 20 years in educational leadership, and developed curriculum and programming for the first positive education academy in Canada. I hold a Master in Education Administration with a formal publication entitled "School-based delivery models for students with exceptionalities: stakeholders’ perceptions of effectiveness." I also hold certification in Special Education and Mental Health First Aid. I have taught post-secondary business, marketing, and human resources courses in both Canada and China. I love reading, baseball, and spending time with my family. My greatest pride is my son 11 year old son, Matthew.  

How I can help

I am excited to work with leaders who are committed to increasing their influence, throwing away the OLD leadership script, and recreating a new kind of leadership that changes the lives of others. My clients can expect to: 1~ Uncover the real reasons behind overwhelm, stress, and fatigue 2~ Shift from the "fix-it" mindset to a "success" mindset 3~ Accelerate influence, financial success, and unlimited abundance 4~ Create powerful rituals at work/home for massive, sustainable results

Who I work with

Progressive Feminine Leaders


Lisa is an amazing and talented coach. Her questions help me think about situations from a different perspective helping me to see strengths I wasn’t aware of and to grow as a business person and a leader. I’m able to find solutions that I would never have thought of otherwise. My business is so much more successful now that I’ve had the opportunity to work with her. I’m incredibly grateful to her and I know that so many others can benefit from working with her. Thank you, Lisa!

- Sue Hopcroft

Lisa, the ELI assessment debrief really opened my eyes to something that I hadn’t realized before, that was the emotional side of me and how I can use it to benefit and support me. The way that you helped me to understand that, really made me feel alive, I am truly grateful. Your empowering questions really caused me to think deep into my life’s purpose and also caused me to take massive action in area’s of my life that I could have been doing more. I will probably look back at this moment a year or 2 from now and remember that, some of the words you said and how you said it, caused me to achieve my personal goals.

- Adam Schizkoske

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