John Cockburn-Evans

Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Executive Coach


I am an experienced operational leader who has consulted globally for a US based global corporate. I have coached VP/Director level externally, and internal corporate high potentials. I now run my own coaching and consulting company, and am passionate about reducing "waste", and coaching leaders to make their organisations sustainable. I use the consulting arm of my organisation to stay fresh with latest business practices. I enjoy participating in motor racing for fun, which also hopefully keeps me sharp and focused.

How I can help

Clients will feel a sense of trust and total support. My coaching skills and operational experience combine to help the client get a sense of both perspective and a path towards what they can achieve. In the majority of cases they get to a point well beyond what they initially envisage is possible. This creates a sense of "stretch" which allows them to set even more ambitious goals.

Who I work with

Leaders who know they have more to give and want to grow


I work in a very strategic growing business environment, growth rates within my business is very aggressive. Within this type of environment, it is important to match my own personal growth to match the type of business that I operate. I researched a few different consultants and finally selected John, why? I found John approachable and authentic throughout our sessions, not selling but more listening to the challenges I face in this demanding environment. Some of the tools that John deployed were interesting and the approach was not what I expected, the ELI is a very powerful tool, and I was able to remove some key energy blocks with John’s support. John guided me through the process, and was able to use his business and operational experience to help me understand how to move some of the barriers I had built up that stopped me from moving forward.

- Steve Appleton (Managing Director Facilities Management)

I have held many senior and strategic roles in my career, with businesses and people dependent on my decision-making ability. I had therefore always considered myself to be a confident and charismatic leader. As such, I was not in the least surprised at high scores in my initial ELI assessment. When my scores dipped strongly under stress into the very low numbers, it was like John shining a light on how my resultant behaviors had reduced my success-rate in certain situations and therefore limited my personal progression. John’s sensitive interpretation of the hard data, coupled with sympathetic situational analysis enabled me to recognize and manage my own energy levels in any given situation. The final results are yet to be seen and it’s still not an unconscious process but keeping connected with John allows me to continually refine the process to the point that I’m sure I will be able to attribute specific positive outcomes to it.

- Paul Clow (Managing Director Eden-e-Motion)

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