Jimmy Johnson

Performance Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach


  Jimmy Johnson CPC, ACC, ELI-MP, CPDS is your Personal Performance Coach.  He created his company to do one thing: help his clients develop a personalized success formula that removes existing blocks and empowers them live, work and play at their full potential. Athletics and personal development played integral roles in his youth and continue to drive him today. Participating in a variety of sports (soccer, baseball, wrestling and Olympic style weight lifting) not only fostered his interest in the connections between our physical, emotional and psychological development, but also drove him to pursue degrees in Physical Education and Sports Performance. Along with personal experiences as an athlete, Jimmy has also been a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (NSCA) at the Division I level, Personal Trainer (AFAA) and coached both youth and club soccer teams ranging in age from nine to fourteen. Having been on “both sides of the ball”  he has experienced and understands the potential for fear, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence that the pressure of competition can create. Helping his clients break through that resistance and tap into their full potential is what drives him as a coach. Previously, Jimmy enjoyed a very successful eleven year career in the insurance industry, serving as an agent, State Training Coordinator and Training Implementation Consultant with Aflac. Due to his experience, he understand the need for developing strong leaders and team/company culture.  He accomplished that objective by coaching their sales force on strategies to breakthrough performance plateaus, while contributing to leadership development among their coordinator team. During that time Jimmy also had the honor of being featured as one of the top State Training Coordinators in 2012 and appeared in the June/July edition of the Aflac Now magazine.   As you can see, Jimmy is passionate about coaching and looks forward to partnering with individuals and teams in reaching their full potential on the field, in the office and in life.  

How I can help

My clients typically hire me because they want to remove the interference preventing them from performing at their full potential. By using the concepts of COR.E Performance Dynamics in a though-provoking and supportive partnership, they learn how to thrive in pressure situations by developing a personal success formula which increases confidence and consistency, gives them a competitive edge and allows them to manage all aspects of their game.

Who I work with

I work with people who are ready to take their game to the next level.


“COR.E Performance Dynamics is an awesome program offering anyone the capability to significantly improve their performance! This program allowed me to develop a plan to attain a flow, or get in the zone, whenever and wherever I choose. Almost like a light switch, I can channel positive energy into my performance. The greatest aspect of the program is that I am using the same tools to improve my everyday life and the lives of those around me. ”

- ~Todd Bourgeois, Finalist American Ninja Warrior 2014 & 2016, Doctor

For many years I’ve struggled with finding myself taking one step forward and two steps back. Finally frustrated that I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere as fast as I wanted, I sought an outside perspective to help me find success. After working with Jimmy for a few weeks, I learned that many of my roadblocks weren’t what I thought they were, and after identifying those things that were the real culprits, I was able to make meaningful changes and consequently strides to reaching my goals. Today, just a few weeks after completing my initial coaching, I’m still making gains on my goals and feeling empowered by my consistent success. I would highly recommend Jimmy Johnson for his professionalism, his listening and insight ability and his knack for being that positive voice in your head leading you out of your own chaos into accomplishment. I’ve joked with him, but I believe it to be true, I think he channels Tony Robbins!

- -Sarah H. PHP (People Helping People) Insurance & Financial Services