Jenny Jordan

Grief Coach, Life Coach


I am passionate about helping people learn to live with their grief and find meaningful ways to honor their loved ones. I've co-led grief support groups, and have volunteered with hospice. I am currently on the BOD with ICFLA as a co-director of communications.

How I can help

Clients will walk away with a sense of meaning in their grief, knowing that grief is unique to each person and there is no "right" way to grieve. I work with each person to find out what their next steps will be, and how they can honor their loved one without the guilt often associated with moving forward.

Who I work with

people who are grieving the death of a loved one


Before seeking a life coach I was stuck in a sea of self-limiting patterns and beliefs that hindered my level of happiness. Although I was painfully aware of some of these patterns, there were others that I was unable to see at all. With Jenny’s help I was able to uncover and recognize the root causes, not just the symptoms. Thanks to Jenny and the tools she gave me, the fog has lifted and I’m no longer lost at sea.

- A. D., Los Angeles

"Working with Jenny is like a breath of fresh air. She is a great communicator, she listens and most of all she really makes you think. I've learned so much from her and about myself through our sessions. I find myself seeing things in a different way and am proud to say I have my "happy" back. Thank you Jenny!!

- Joanne F., Canada

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Chatsworth, California, US


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