Erika Alessandrini

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Corporate Coach


Erika is the founder and CEO of Strategies for Success. With over 23 years as an automotive aftermarket executive, Erika understands the daily challenges faced by upper management. She has a deep understanding of why most leaders fall short, give up or burn out.  Erika works closely with corporate leaders to help them grow strategically and tactfully from both an organizational and personal perspective. By applying strategies and tools, such as Conversational Intelligence (R), Erika empowers organizations to develop agile, engaged and high-performing individuals and teams able to manage growth and embrace change. Erika helps leaders to see themselves as "co-creators" of corporate culture and change by helping leaders build collaborative environments that foster innovation. Through corporate coaching, training, workshops and retreats, Erika will help you to navigate change and to successfully plan for the future.  She will unearth your talents and leave you feeling confident, powerful and accomplished.

How I can help

I work with leaders and equip them with a special set of tools that enable them to slay their dragons, both visible and invisible. In addition to overcoming blind spots, limiting beliefs, and anything keeping them safe and small, my clients come away with a stronger sense of self, purpose and the ability to connect with others in such a profound way that it leads to greater success both personally and professionally.

Who I work with

Individuals, Organizations and Teams


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Carleton, Michigan, US


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