Carrie Saks

Transition Coach, Personal Coach, Divorce Coach


Carrie Saks is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner. She has more than 25 years of professional marketing and writing experience helping businesses brand themselves.  After getting divorced, she "rebranded" herself by discovering her true purpose and passion which led her to coach others to navigate their way through personal life transitions, and shift to the gift of change. Whether it's launching a business,  caring for aging parents, going through a divorce or entering a new phase of life, I empower women to step into their power.

How I can help

I help entrepreneurs and executives going through personal or career transitions that are distracting them from fully focusing on their business. I help them understand the "rift" period which involves grieving the loss of the past situation, navigating the "drift" period of establishing new patterns and thought processes, empowering them to "shift" their energy and move forward and reclaim their edge, and ultimately appreciating the "gift" of change.

Who I work with

Women going through personal transitions


Carrie and I connected immediately when she was doing marketing consulting work for my company. I hired her later to work with me personally as a coach during a transitional period, and she helped me to see what I had known in my heart — it was time for me to make a major career move. She intuitively was able to hone in on what was holding me back, and encouraged me to move forward by helping me create an action plan! I’ve never been happier and have never looked back! ​

- Pamela M. -- Denver, Colorado

Just wanted to let you know from a client perspective, you have a natural knack and skill for coaching, in addition to an obvious passion and joy in actually helping people navigate through change. You empowered me to feel like I nailed every session and the last session we closed with was very powerful. Thank you for your help. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone going through a transitional period.

- Joey B. Houston, Texas

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