Carrie Doubts

Grief Coach, Transition Coach, Personal Coach


Carrie Doubts is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in supporting people through life transitions. She holds certifications in Grief Counseling, Mentor Coaching, Relationship and Divorce Coaching. Carrie assists those struggling with grief and loss to navigate through this difficult time, complete the adjustment process, and begin moving forward again. She helps clients to reconnect with their heart, reclaim their power, and re-align with their purpose to create their life's next chapter. Carrie provides mentoring for coaches in training for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching as well as mentoring for practicing coaches seeking ICF credentialing at the ACC and PCC levels. She is sought by coaches who want to enhance their skill level and expand their capacity to support their clients through transition, loss, and grief. She also is a member of the coaching staff for Journey Beyond Divorce. Carrie works with men and women experiencing transition, whether it be in career, health, spirituality, or relationships. She works to engage her clients in discovering and embracing purpose and meaning in their lives, utilizing a potential-based coaching philosophy. As a volunteer with Hospice of Cincinnati, Carrie provides bereavement outreach support to families experiencing the loss of their loved ones. Carrie's coaching style is characterized as loving, supportive, educational, respectful, compassionate, and she empowers her clients to move forward in their lives in ways they had not dreamed possible.  

How I can help

I founded Life’s Next Chapter Coaching on the belief that there is no “right” way to grieve. I provide a supportive and safe coaching environment where you can express yourself freely and be where YOU are in the grieving process. In this safe space, you are given the compassion and support you need to move through this difficult time on your terms and transition from heartbreak to whole-heartedly participating in life again.

Who I work with

People experiencing significant loss and life transitions


"Carrie Doubts is an innovator in the field of grief recovery. I am a mental health professional and, from my experience of her, Carrie ranks up there with the very best coaches in this area. I recently went through an experience of sudden, intense, unexpected loss. I reached out to Carrie for coaching support with the grief process and she assisted me in ways that I never imagined possible. She was the anchor that I held onto as I walked through the process of rebuilding my sense of self and purpose. She was able to help me cognitively understand the grief that I was experiencing and to normalize my thoughts and emotions. She was, most importantly, able to hold a loving, safe, sacred space in which I could cry my tears, heal, and find solace in the face of devastating loss. Carrie is loving, supportive, wise, nurturing, tender, and compassionate: she is a beautiful soul. She kept me functioning in the first few months of my experience of loss, which helped me to gather my inner resources to continue to move into the next stage of my life. She was instrumental in holding the vision of my future that I was unable to hold for myself. She shared with me that after a year I would have an entirely different attitude toward my experience – and she was completely accurate. I have turned the page on the painful experiences of the past and I am living my life in gratitude for the many blessings I receive. Working with Carrie has assisted me in leading a transformed life and I am eternally grateful."

- Marie Beech, Psy.D.

"When I first met Carrie, I was two years into grieving the sudden loss of my beloved husband. I had lost my will to live and was living in a state of torment. Carrie instantly recognized the unhealthy way my mind was creating a 'doom loop' causing me to re-traumatize myself on a daily basis. I was at my lowest point and didn't think I could survive such a devastating and confusing loss. Carrie lifted me out of the well of grief by cradling me in her silver wings of loving. Carrie gave me the tools and techniques to find my way back to my true self and the new woman I had become. Without her caring and thoughtful insights about the insecurities, patterns, and imprints imposed by grief, I would not be here and be thriving. There is no question working with Carrie is the softest place you could land to find your way back home to yourself."

- Julie Steelman