Bryan Turkel

Life Coach, Business Coach, Performance Coach


I have rich experience in coaching, public speaking, and writing on a variety of topics. I have my own life/business coaching practice and am currently authoring a book on personal psychology.

How I can help

I help people people get unstuck by helping them see that "the" way is only one way. Once they are no longer confined to the box of certainty they have been living in, they can make a conscious decision to be the person they want to be.

Who I work with

High Performing Young Professionals Who Feel Stuck


"I began working with Bryan because I felt I was in disarray. I was hoping to mentally ground myself and take control of my thoughts so i could think more clearly. Learning to actively feed the subconscious with what you really want is a powerful tool that Bryan’s approach has given me. ​ Bryan helped me craft a way forward and created a support network by designing a way to keep track of my progress. Before I started working with Bryan I was focused on doing things “better.” This mindset didn’t allow me to wipe my mental slate. Focusing on doing things differently forced me to work on building a new, authentic me, instead of just a tweaked version myself. It sounds simple but doing things differently has made all the difference. I'm grateful for all I've learned."

- Kevin Kabore

"Bryan has a gift for storytelling; he helped my start up clarify and execute a key part of our business and got us thinking more like our target customer. I came to him with my content and he helped revamp our whole approach. Our service and market strategy were sound but Bryan helped us weave it into a narrative that prospective investors can believe in. The results are amazing, I can't thank him enough"

- Chris Mateo

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