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Attracting Wealth: Five Keys and Getting Started

There are Five Keys to Attracting Wealth. I speak to those Five Keys more in depth in Chapter One of my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams. Today we'll look a bit at getting started with…

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Looking at Debt

A New Way of Looking at Your Debt

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash Empowering yourself through abundance mindset techniques to reduce debt. What is the first word or phrase you think of when you hear the word debt? A lot. Credit cards. Student loans. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Heavy.…

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Money Answers

It’s Not About the Money

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash It’s (really) not about the money. Don’t you secretly wish that it was true, that more money would solve your money problem? I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t (and deep down somewhere in you, you already know that).…

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Money EQ

What is Your Money EQ?

Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on Unsplash What is Your Money EQ or, How Tied Are You to Your Account? When you think of your bank account and how much is in there, what is the first thing you think of? When you think about debt and how much you owe,…

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Setting Your Price

Pricing Your Products and Services for Profitability

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash The energetic side and the strategic side of pricing your product or service. What is the first step in pricing your products and services? If you are just starting out, you might look at your competition and see…

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How the Word “Sorry” Caps Your “Money Energetic Setpoint”

Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash You Are Worthy “I’m sorry.” “Oh, so sorry.” “Forgive me, I’m the worst.” How often does the word sorry or some relative of that word come out of your mouth in a day? In all those instances, if it is a lot, do you really…

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Financial Vision

How Your Body Can Help You Make More Money

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash It’s not what you think. If you want a different relationship with money so you can make the money you desire, you have to start with how well you value yourself. Valuing yourself starts with how well you know…

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Dark Side of Money

The Dark Side of Money

Photo by Vitaly on Unsplash Explore Money Using Shadow Work Oooooh the dark side of money. Yes, there has to be a dark side, so we can full embrace the light side of money. Yes, there is a light side too. The dark side, or shadow side, of money must…

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Permission to Make Money

It’s OK to Want What You Want

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash I give you permission to make the money you want. Ok, you are free to go ahead and do it. No more analyzing, paralyzing, healing, fixing, processing. Just go ahead and make money. Imagine if that was all it…

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Letting Go of Attachment

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash Attachment is Out. BE-ing is In. Be willing to let go of what is not serving you. Well, that is easier said than done. Why do we hold on to one way of something happening for us? Why can't we live in the mystery…

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