Top 9 Empowerment Quotes for Women

Your heart and mind need nutrition in the same way that your body does. Take a moment to see what you've been feeding it. If it's food that causes fear, anxiousness, or discouragement, it's time to put yourself on a new diet. These nine women have…

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Making Vision Boards and Teaching Kids to Listen to Their Inner Guidance

Much emphasis has been applied to making sure that our children have the knowledge they need when they venture out into the world. There are also societal rules for what is considered achievement and success. From the time our kids are born there…

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Feel Like You’re Dancing Through Your Writing and Loving Every Minute

Relationships. We all have them. It's part of living. The relationships we choose to experience impact us on various emotional levels. When experiencing a relationship with someone you love, what happens between you can have a powerful effect on how…

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From Selfish With Love

Is doing what you want selfish? Sometimes, that's what I feel. I've become accustomed to the more serious persona of a "responsible adult." I should be of service to my family, my home, my customers and clients, in all the forms they appear for me.…

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Is Your Strength One of Your Greatest Weaknesses?

Through my years of studying human behavior and leadership, one thing I’ve come to realize is how closely connected strengths and weaknesses are. Many times, we think of it in terms of increasing our strengths and doing our best to minimize (or…

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No, Your Life Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect in Order to Become a Life Coach

“I have so many issues of my own . . . if I can’t figure out how to take care of my own messes, how could I possibly coach someone else on how to clean up theirs?!” Imposter syndrome: the nasty little voice in your ear that keeps you from taking…

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3 Foolproof Ingredients for Becoming Resilient

The story you make up for yourself is what your life becomes. Dr. Joan Borysenko Your company just sold and no one knows whose job will be cut. Your youngest child's failing History. The car you've been hoping would last for another year, just…

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Is Fear Holding You Back From Success?

Pull up Google and you can read all the various acronyms for FEAR: Forget Everything and Run Face Everything and Rise False Evidence Appearing Real ... and the list goes on. While some of these acronyms are fun to read, the reality is fear has the…

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How Did You Fail Today? How Parents Can Celebrate Failure as a Learning Opportunity

As parents, it's a normal tendency for us to shield our children from difficulties and pain and feelings of failure. But in reality, we all know that pain and hardship will show up in little and sometimes big ways. For our kids, too. In our physical…

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Transporting Grief Into Loving Communication

Lionel Kendrick once said, “Life is not always easy to live, but the opportunity to do so is a blessing beyond comprehension. In the process of living, we will face struggles, many of which will cause us to suffer and to experience pain.” Living…

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