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Dancing With Life Using Effortless Strength

When I sat down to write this, a flock of sparrows flew by my window--just above the open space behind my house. They moved effortlessly as they changed directions; going up, down, even doing a complete 180 as a single group. I thought it was…

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Four Tips to Obtain True & Sustainable Happiness

There are so many myths about what it means to be happy. Many of us chase ambitions, possessions, and connections to try to find happiness in our lives. On this month’s One Idea Away Livecast, Luke Iorio uncovers what it means to obtain true and…

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Extraordinary Growth On Ordinary Days

What if you could have all the benefits of personal growth without experiencing the actual growing pains? Some might argue the adage "No Pain, No Gain"—experiencing a particularly stressful event—is a necessary ingredient, but not a guarantee of…

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Want Inner-Fulfillment? Lead a Value-Based Life

Originally published on -  June 11, 2017 For as long as the topic of happiness has been studied, there has been a corresponding theory that states one can only truly be satisfied with life if they are inwardly happy with themselves.…

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3 Reasons You Don’t Want High Self-Esteem

We Know That Low Self-Esteem Is Bad For Us, But What Makes High Self-Esteem Dangerous? I am a self-compassion evangelist. I love spreading the good word about self-compassion. Dr. Kristin Neff High self-esteem requires us to make a judgment of how…

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If You Really Love Me, Listen to Me!

Loving Listening Is an Action! You have to work to listen to another person, whether it’s your true love or a friend. Love's an action verb! Listening is more than keeping your eyes open and turning your head towards the one you love while you think…

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Sacrificing Ego-Parenting After Divorce

When I was going through my divorce, the best thing my best friend ever did for me was help me to not become bitter and disillusioned. She helped me stay in a state of compassion and understanding, in spite of all the extremely difficult things…

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Establish a Writing Relationship That Excites Your Audience

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you found yourself in a public place naked and exposed? You didn’t deliberately take your clothes off, but somehow there you were in the middle of a busy place, where people were coming and going and you…

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Exploring the Tension of Opposites

I recently listened to a podcast that I think you'll enjoy. It's titled "The Tension of Opposites." Catchy, isn't it? The episode is hosted by Michael Meade on his Living Myth podcast and what I love about this episode is that it dives into the…

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What Can We Learn from Dreams?

With the release of Bruce D Schneider’s wonderful new book, Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams, there's new interest in dreams and the dreaming process. Bruce has beautifully covered the lucid dreaming process, but I wanted to share some information…

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